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Week of Money: Where the Snowstorm hits hard


8:08 a.m. — Little Bun chooses his new Kindle Cover (I bought him a new Kindle Oasis of his own because he keeps nabbing mine):

And this is the Kindle Oasis I got him (it’s the same one as mine)

He’s so sweet, because when I asked him if he wanted my library book cover or to choose a new one for himself, he asked me:

Well would YOU like the magic cube cover or to choose one for yourself?

I told him it was his to choose, I was okay with whatever. He then smiled really sweetly and told me he’d like the magic cube one. He always does things like this, he checks with me to see what I’d like and then chooses. He does this too, when we need to go to the bathroom – he asks me if I need to go urgently first, before going in.


Some meals from the week:

I make this creamy sauce out of my homemade oat mylk (recipe here), I add tomatoes, zucchini, some smoked paprika (spicy), and a bit of salt, sometimes fish sauce, and it is delicious poured over rice.

I add the duck or whatever protein (soft boiled eggs work as well), or fish, or just as-is, and I top it with some rosemary.

Fresh bread!


The galette des rois my partner made… as a French tradition:


Little Bun goes through the math genius book and starts quizzing me. I can’t do math like this in my head! Imagine working a whole day and being subjected to math quizzes at the end of the night…


8:08 a.m. — I am out in a snowstorm, and everything gets a bit wet. My phone is about to die in the car, but when I plug it into my external battery recharger, it gives me this warning. I have no choice, I close my eyes and click the override and hope it is okay.



6:25 p.m. — This is very helpful

And re: winning lotteries or a big amount of money –




5:25 p.m. —  We start a game of Monopoly because these can go on for a long time…

Someone commented:


8:08 a.m. — I really hate glitter. I saw someone putting glitter on a horse’s hooves, and it just triggered me:


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