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The One Country I’d Love to Re-Visit

I went to Japan when I was a child. I did not appreciate a SINGLE DANG THING when I was there.

I didn’t eat sushi, I didn’t understand anything except that I was in another country that was completely alien and fascinating all at once, and I was alone with my mother so it was kind of scary being all alone with an adult who was sort of relying on me to help her out in many ways.

We didn’t really get to take the train and travel to see temples or anything like that, and even if we had, I would have been thinking: UGH. TEMPLES AGAIN? Can’t we go shopping!?

Now? I really want to go back. I have been dreaming about this trip, and I am putting a budget in mind for this obviously, as I want Little Bun and my partner to come along.

There are so many things and places I’d like to visit, and going for 3 weeks would be the best for me.

A few things I think I’d really like to put on my list as must-haves are:


I know I have to go at a certain time, but to see all of the petals falling and carpeting the ground would be stunning. I’d picnic there, smell all the flowers and just marvel at this.

I’ve read so much about it in manga and watched anime, that this is really something that would be a dream come true.


I desperately want to stay in a ryokan, sleep on a futon, wake up to calm zen tranquility, and then hang out in the hot springs and let my mind unwind.

How perfect would this be? It would be the perfect time to think… and come to think of it, maybe this is at trip I should take on my own, totally by myself. πŸ˜›


ClichΓ© or what? LOL!

I really want to visit temples, walk through one of these tunnels, take photos and just reflect.

How pretty is this? I know this picture must have been taken a billion times, but even so.


And the food of course. THE FOOD!

I would try all the different flavoured KitKats (Green tea so far is my favourite), I would go to Hokkaido, Tokyo, Nagano, Nara…

There are so many things to see in Japan, but most of all, it is really special for me just how tranquil life in the countryside can be versus the hectic, insane, technologically-advanced city of Tokyo.

I remember being in Tokyo, seeing all these vending machines for all types of things, and being overwhelmed by all the lights and technology.

Even the TOILETS talked and sang to you if you wanted. That was really beyond my comprehension as a child (even today!).

What is the #1 country you’d love to visit?


  • Financial Orchid

    Contemplating Korea…. makes a great solo gal shopping/eating/spa trip I heard. Still working out time and budgets. grrr. Hawaii/Santorini with a lover πŸ™‚

  • SarahN

    I’m so glad I went to Japan (again, I’d had an overnight) with a tour with the State Emergency Service – I didn’t know anyone I travelled with but the trip played to my interests (emergency recovery) and was in a country known for them. Being arranged, I did FAR more that I would do independently, including seeing Sumo, taking bullet trains, going to TWO onsens, staying in a ryokan and going to many temples. I truly loved it!

    On my ‘to do list’ currently is: Finland in winter (northern lights, sled rides, stay in an glass igloo, stay in a treehouse, go to Santa’s village), then see in summer; Santorini, Copenhagen, Capris/Pompeii and the Blue Grotto. And one November, I’d like to enjoy a US Thanksgiving and come home via Thailand for the floating lantern festival. I’m planning the summer elements when my contract ends, and I’ll add on seeing three ‘like family’ people in UK, France and Germany. GLowing face now!

  • Sense

    Iceland & Italy–and am ticking Italy off in less than a month!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    P.s. Japan is AMAZING. I found Kyoto magical.

  • liteadventurer

    Japan is on our shortlist as well. For the longest time, my top travel destination was Easter Island. Finally went there in 2016 and it exceeded all expectations. Now that that’s been done, the next #1 is Egypt. Going there in 2 months and super excited to see the pyramids.

  • GYM

    I want to go to Santorini in Greece! πŸ™‚

    I also went to Japan when I was younger. Would love to go again and enjoy the food and the fresh sashimi and try Wagyu beef. Flights have been really cheap from YVR for the last few years, like $700-800 or less when they are on sale.

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