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List of pretty, stylish, but very walkable sandals

I’m a huge fan of Birkenstocks. I don’t care what anyone says, they are comfortable, and this Arizona style is the MOST comfortable:

Arizona Soft Footbed Women’s Open Toe Sandals

I own these in a neutral taupe suede (VERY comfortable and blister free), and another pair pictured above in a pretty copper metallic leather with a black sole (I find these metallic leather straps slightly less comfortable than pure 100% suede straps, needs a little breaking in).

They are also a little softer in colour, in real life.

But truth be told, as pretty as these copper ones are, they are not always appropriate for going out to certain places or just when you want to feel cute. Y’know?

So, enter some other sandal / brand recommendations from over the years that are rated for both being COMFORTABLE, WALKABLE and blister-free.


I am so sad they do not have this style any more. If I had known, I would have bought a spare (yes I am crazy like that).

These are VERY walkable and very comfortable. There is a slight heel to them (very slight, about 1″ or so), and I find it helps elevate the foot a bit, and doesn’t make it quite so flat.

I also find the cage style very comfortable because it really grips to your foot and stays on without being annoying.

The straps look like a lot, but they don’t chafe anywhere, and when I walk, my foot bends and the strap doesn’t force itself on my foot in an uncomfortable manner.

In spite of this, I love Sofft anyway, and I would say these styles are what I’d go for:


This Rio style has the same gold clip in between the straps, and almost exactly the same look as the Bernias.

I love all the different colours it comes in (a huge range), and it looks great (as you can see above but I took a different, lighter “luggage” leather).


I really like the look of this Ravella wedge sandal (it is very close to the Bernia), and the cage-style is very comfortable to walk in.


I would also say if you aren’t walking like on a full tourist tour of the city, you could stand to go in a higher wedge heel like in this Mecina Sandal style – I’d be all over these for the office, honestly! I love the look of it, and it would certainly be comfortable. Just maybe not for 18-hour jaunts.


My last pick from Sofft, would be this pretty Innis style, especially with these red straps:

The style is simple, not a cage style, but you can see that the front portion wouldn’t hurt your foot when you walk (the part that bends in front near the toes) and the straps would not dig into that bone there.


This brand Dansko normally makes clogs, and they are very comfortable. They recently came out with this style called “Season” and it looks cute from up top, but I have to admit, I am not in love with the wedge, platform style of it. It looks less sleek.

That said, one of my favourite bloggers – Katherine over at Feather Factor – recently reviewed and RAVED about them here….

It looks cute on her foot from the front. I’m eying them in red, actually.

From the side, it looks a bit like those clogs that geishas wear. 🙂



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