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GIVEAWAY: The $100 USD Cold Hard Cash Blog Giveaway (+ $50 and $75 USD bonuses)



To celebrate my awesome news and to spread some general cheer (let’s face it, we could all use it), I am giving away $100 USD visa Paypal.

(Instead of giving away an actual prize, I figured I’d give away cash, because who doesn’t love money?)

It all comes right out of my own currently unemployed pocket; no one is sponsoring or partnering with me on this. I’m also paying any Paypal fees, so you get that $100 USD free and clear.

The only requirement is you do need a Paypal account (very easy to sign up for one, worldwide). I am not going to mail anything or wire anything to anyone.



(please wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load)

a Rafflecopter giveaway



This blog giveaway is free to enter. Not to mention that most people lose 100% of the money they invest spend on lottery tickets, anyway. The $100 USD can be used for anything you want:

  • pay off some debt (student debt, is something I know very well about, to the tune of $60,000!)
  • stash it away for a rainy day
  • start saving for your retirement and invest in index funds
  • buy yourself or someone in your life something special (also fun!)
  • go out for a great dinner (or three!)


You can enter above in the Rafflecopter widget (wait for it to load, it’s just under the title “ENTER HERE… & GOOD LUCK”)





If I get more than 5000 total entries into this contest (5001 entries), I’m giving away an additional $50 USD runner-up cash prize!

But if I get more than 7500 total entries (7501 entries), I’ll give away an additional $75 USD cash prize!

So tell everyone you know about it, because it’ll just mean you’ll have a better chance of winning one of the bonus prizes if you don’t get the big one.


Contest ends Sunday November 17th 2013

(With plenty of time to go holiday shopping.)

You can enter above in the Rafflecopter widget (wait for it to load, it’s just under the title “ENTER HERE… & GOOD LUCK”)



I will be using Random.Org to choose each winner. If I get more than 5000 entries, I will draw for $100 USD first, then $50 USD to the second place winner. If I get more than 7500 entries, I will draw for the $100 USD first, then $75 USD to the second place winner and then the $50 USD prize to the third place winner.

You can enter above in the Rafflecopter widget (wait for it to load, it’s just under the title “ENTER HERE… & GOOD LUCK”)


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  1. Thomas Murphy

    I would buy christmas gifts with it.

  2. alaine

    I’d use it to put towards diapers for my baby.

  3. Amanda Sakovitz

    i would pay bills!


    I’d buy some items that i had on my wishlist for awhile: accesories etc.


    I’d buy some items that i had on my wishlist for awhile: jewelry etc.

  6. Patrick Siu

    i want a blender

  7. Sandra VanHoey

    I would be helping out my sister to get her grandhildren gifts if I won

  8. Rebecca

    With it I’d finish my Christmas shopping and put some towards extra on my debt.

  9. Patrick Siu

    i want chocolates

  10. Indiraa

    If I won, it would be going either towards student loans, wedding stuff, or Christmas shopping. 🙂

  11. Ellie Di

    I’d love to put this $100 into the marketing for my self-pubbed books. It’d be awesome to get more eyeballs on my work!

  12. NICOLA

    I’d buy some items that i had on my wishlist for awhile: jewelry etc.

  13. Sandra VanHoey

    I would hand it over to my sister to help her out with her holiday shopping for her grandchildren

  14. Patrick Siu

    i want a boots please

  15. courtney b

    i would buy xmas gifts!

  16. courtney b

    i would go shopping !:) kids clothes…

  17. Sandra VanHoey

    If I won it would be a blessing to help my sister

  18. Alea Laurence

    I will use it to pay off my credit card debt, and kill the beast.

  19. Sandra VanHoey

    Keeping fingers crossed I can help my sister out

  20. amy pugmire

    I would love to use it for xmas presents.

  21. Sonya Morris

    With Christmas coming up it would go to buy gifts for my kids. Thank you!

  22. David Holder

    I would buy gifts with it.

  23. Sandra VanHoey

    I would be helping my sister out if I were to win

  24. Fig

    So cool! I’d actually use the money for Christmas presents. I got my mom this year in our family gift exchange and she deserves a decent gift.

  25. Sandra VanHoey

    My sister could really use the help so I would gift to her

  26. Sandra VanHoey

    I would help my sister get gifts for her grandchildren

  27. CC

    Put towards to fund to buy property in Morocco!!

  28. Erin

    I would probably put it toward a new camera I have been saving for!

  29. Sandra VanHoey

    I would definitely help out my sister to get gifts for her grandchildren for Christmas

  30. Rebecca

    I would use it towards an extra payment on my student loans.

  31. Sandra VanHoey

    I’d use it to help out my sister so she can get Christmas gifts

  32. Sandra VanHoey

    I’d help my sister out so she could do some Christmas shopping for her grandchildren

  33. KimDC

    I’d spend this on xmas gifts.. we’re buying swimming lessons for my daughter 🙂

  34. Sarah Li Cain

    I’m going to use it towards a trip my husband and I have been planning.

  35. Amanda

    I *really* need a new laptop. $100 would certainly help get me there!

  36. olena

    I would use it to pay off my student loan. 🙂

  37. Sandra VanHoey

    My sister could really use this so I’d give to her and get me some cheap ink for my printer

  38. Deena Dollars

    I would actually use the $100 for an extra student loan payment – I’m so close to having them paid off!

  39. Jenny

    I’d buy a good travel pack for my grad Eurotrip next year

  40. Sandra VanHoey

    I’d buy me some printer ink first then give the rest to my sister to help her purchase gifts

  41. Aisha

    I would use the money to start a cupcake business (to sell at farmers markets).

  42. Sandra VanHoey

    I would get some printer ink then give to my sister to use for things she needs for her grandchildren

  43. Sandra VanHoey

    I would help out my sister with things she needs if I won. She could use gifts for her grandchildren for Christmas

  44. Sherry

    I would pay off my university tuition 🙂

  45. Sandra VanHoey

    Printer ink is high on my list

  46. Sandra VanHoey

    I would gift to my sister to get her grandchildren things for Christmas

  47. Rachel

    I would take my boyfriend out to dinner. Money is tight as he is receiving chemotherapy for his relapsed leukemia, and a night out would mean a lot.

  48. Mary

    Buy a weeks worth of work lunches.

  49. Corina

    I would give it to my daughter for school tuition.

  50. Corina

    I would give it to my daughter for her school tuition.

  51. Ce

    A new pair of jeans! My favorite pair has a hole in the knee.

  52. Casey

    It’s gonna go towards my emergency fund!

  53. Sally

    It’s going right to purchasing some commission-free ETF shares! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

  54. Jay MacLean

    I’d save it!

  55. Melissa

    I’d put the money into my World Cup slush fund. It’s only 8 months away and I’m drastically behind on saving for the “food/spending money” portion of the savings.

  56. cosmogirl2100

    Use it to pay for my first car 🙂

  57. Stacy

    pay off credit card debt!

  58. Lisa Brown

    if i won, i would like to us the money to start holiday shopping

  59. Nelson

    I would take it to the bank, getting it all in quarters. Then I’d dump the quarters on my naked body and giggle because they are cold and that would tickle me. Afterwards I’d invite everyone over for a coin flipping tournament with quarters that previously touched my naughty bits.

  60. Vanessa

    I’d stick it into my savings account and look at it each day and go “Oooooh, free money!”

  61. Fiona

    I’d put it in my savings account.

  62. Alexa

    part splurge, part save. Free money- love it.

  63. JR-Fire

    I’d use it to pay off (bad decision) CC debt 🙂

  64. Emily

    I would use it for transit costs for my PhD fieldwork!

  65. Amber J.

    I would use the money to pay off student loans, plain and simple.

  66. Erin @ Red Debted Stepchild

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d use it to pay down debt :).

  67. LAL

    How do you enter?

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It’s on the page itself — Rafflecopter at the bottom.

  68. Lyne

    I’d add to the emergency fund… I’ve been jobless for health reasons for a little while and it could sure use it!

  69. Tania

    Can’t get any more minimal than cash 🙂 Takes up very little space. I’d use it to reduce debt.

  70. Joseline

    I would use it to pay some bills

  71. Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans

    I would probably put it towards my emergency fund!

  72. Karen

    I’d probably use it toward grocery money. Or go out to a nice restaurant, which I haven’t done in a year and a bit.

  73. Sarah R.

    Extra padding for my emergency fund!

  74. Erin

    I would put it towards Christmas presents this year!

  75. Morgaine

    I would put the $100 down on my debt.

  76. summerlude / Alessandra

    I’d buy a good moisturizing lotion and a nice scarf for my mum who’s getting surgery 🙂

  77. Done by Forty

    If I won, I’d just let you pick someone else to get the $100. I just think it’d be fun to win. 🙂

  78. Nadzira Adimas

    Durians! And maybe some cat food 🙂

  79. Sarah

    I would put it towards our upcoming honeymoon in Vietnam. Thanks for the raffle!

  80. Re

    I would like to get my kids some Spring jackets for next Spring while they are on sale this year.

  81. Christina

    I would put it in my savings

  82. Amanda Hendricks-Selby

    I’d save it for unexpected bills

  83. Klara

    I’d use it to buy Christmas Gifts.

  84. teresa

    pay tuition

  85. Lisa

    Christmas shopping- possibly for me rather than the family!

  86. raluca

    I would splurge on some new shoes, I really need them!

  87. Gurjot

    I would add the money to my ING kick-start TFSA account so that I can take advantage of the double interest rates.

  88. Nora

    I would leave it in my paypal account and use it to cover my netflix payments for the next year….or maybe….i’ll be back with more ideas on how to spend it!!

    Subscribed on myYahoo (but not sure if I did it correctly)…

    Signed up for emails


  89. Alice

    I would buy books, lots and lots of books. Even though logically I should save it.

    Thanks for doing this comp, it’s really cool. Congratulations once again!

  90. Ashley Hufford

    I want to use it on a really cute pair of boots

    I will probably use it on my electricity bill

    damn you electricity

  91. Manda

    I’d spend it on Christmas present money for my family. If there was any left over I’d put it towards a present for my brother’s 21st early next year!

  92. Liliana Carp

    I would buy Christmas presents for my family

  93. Christine

    I would use it towards the traveling I am doing soon!

  94. Roja

    Put it in the Philippine Stock Market! 🙂

  95. femmefrugality

    I am so excited for this baby. Congrats, again! If I won, we’d throw it towards the wedding. I still have to buy his wedding band, actually.

  96. Morgan

    I’m planning on making an extra contribution to my TFSA later this year since I have the room, I would probably put this towards that.

  97. Helen

    I would stash it in my savings.

  98. SarahN

    I think it’d just be more savings for a rainy day! Although, holidays are always nice!

  99. John Lamano

    Saving for education.

  100. Kris

    Christmas travel money!

  101. eemusings

    I would use it towards my ‘settling back into normal life after taking six months off to travel’ fund!

  102. Kelly D

    I would buy winter clothes for my kids.

  103. Janine

    I’d spend it on christmas presents!

  104. Alice

    I’m about to move back home after spending over 8 years on other side of the world, so any extra money would help 🙂

  105. Susannah

    I am totally buying shoes (day hiker type). I am already in the look out for some. My current ones are giving me blisters 🙁 and it’s a replacement and a need for me.

  106. Grace

    save it for a rainy day!

  107. Cassie

    I’d stash half in my US savings account, and buy some art for my house on Etsy with the other half.

  108. Tina

    I’d take my husband out for a nice dinner (or two!).

  109. cosmogirl2100

    Use it for the expenses I’ll incur when moving into my new apartment 🙂

  110. Cosmogirl2100

    I’ll use it for the many expenses I’m going to incur while moving into my new apartment 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  111. Bridget

    I’d buy some new shoes. I’ve been lusting over a pair for ages, if I don’t get them I will never be happy in my life.

  112. Lauren

    I would put it toward student loans!

  113. Kim

    I’d put it towards my new purse fund.

  114. Michelle

    I would pay off my school loans! 🙂

  115. EJ

    I will put it towards my savings as I had to use some of my emergency fund earlier this month!

  116. Mariah Phillips

    I’m new to this site and I love it!!
    I would definitely invest the money into my TFSA for a downpayment on a house.

  117. Gen Y

    Thanks for the giveaway! I think I would put it towards student debt or invest it.

  118. Dana

    I’d put it into my 1 year off for travel account!

  119. Tim

    Invest in a Saddleback backpack. That way my children can use it when I die. 🙂

  120. schu2011

    Probably put it towards saving for a pair of really nice flats!

  121. Alicia @ Financial Diffraction

    It would end up being Christmas money. Thanks for the raffle 🙂

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