Save. Spend. Splurge.

Patience please! Undergoing a dramatic change on a whim.


Please don’t be alarmed. I’m splitting the original blog into two parts as I had originally intended, now that I’ve FINALLY (after a year and a few months) dug down deep inside, and found the perfect name to describe my blog.

Save. Spend. Splurge.

Save your money first.

Spend it on what you need.

Splurge on what you love.

It sounds like a YOLO blog right? Not really.

I’m advocating the idea (as I always have) to save your money to spend it where YOU want to spend it, not where someone else does.

Or to not spend it at all.

Anyway, expect a blog overhaul coming up.

I’m sorry, but better late than never (especially if I start building a cache of thousands of posts).

New RSS Feed URL:

I should have ported everything over correctly. *fingers crossed*


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