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Style Formula: Business Casual Outfits and Combinations

Business Casual Outfits and Combinations I’m a fan of.


A top that is sleeveless with or without collars, draped, wrapped, pleated or buttoned, it doesn’t matter as long as the shoulders are covered.

Then you just throw a topper on it like a sweater or a blazer, and a pencil skirt.




Same style of tops, this time change the bottom to a pair of pants. Any pair of pants would work as long as their business pants, but I’m partial to the Audrey Hepburn look which is tight and stops at the ankle.

Pair it with ballet flats or heels (!!) and it looks killer. I wear this formula often on Instagram and the topper is a sweater or a blazer.



You cannot, CANNOT go wrong with a wrap dress.

When in doubt and when I don’t have time, a dress goes on with some heels and I’m done.



  • Katie

    This is super helpful! I love the top + topper for feeling put together, so I really struggle in the summer when it’s too warm for that look. I’ve considered light vests instead of blazers/cardigans/etc. but haven’t tried it yet. Do you have any suggestions for summer?


      Glad to hear it!

      For the summer it is unfortunate but a light vest is a good option, or you can try a scarf which a lot of Montrealers do here.

      Other options are toppers that are very light, 100% cotton or linen are excellent, cool options.

  • Lisa

    These are great formulas for how to construct a great business casual outfit! Still in need of a great wrap dress, those are so cute!

  • SarahN

    Nope, no dresses at work. I might need to be on site, and whilst PPE/uniform is best, pants are workable, and cropped pants in summer.

    I don’t love my upper arms, so I go for short sleeved tops in summer, or thin button up shirts, which I can roll up the cuffs on.

  • Lindsey @ Cents, Sense & Sensibility

    Hey lady, I like your business wardrobe basics. I’ve never thought about breaking it down like this.I usually just go to the thrift store or mall with some vague idea that “I have nothing to wear” for work and wander around aimlessly until something jumps out at me. Cheers!

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