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Style Spy: White Pleated Skirts for under $100


Seems to be a big trend this year; the white pleated, full midi skirt, very 50s and retro.. maybe Mad Men is having a style influence again!

(Wait did it ever go out of style?)

I love the look of a white, pleated, full A-line skirt because it makes my hips look bigger and my waist look tinier.

It also helps that I’m an inverted triangle with linebacker shoulders and I need that balance on my bottom which makes white a perfect colour to wear on the bottom as it will make me look larger and more balanced.

This Halogen Midi Skirt is $40, this State Belted Midi skirt is $60.

If you’re plus-size, this Eloquii Full Midi-Skirt is super cute at $68.

I also kind of like the twist that Kate Spade did with this eyelet midi skirt but it’s pricier at $214 so it might be a pass for most budgets.

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