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The Minimalist Outfit This Woman Wore Forever

Could you literally wear just ONE outfit for the rest of your life and consider it perfect for all occasions?

Michele Oka Doner did just that and here is her perfect, simple, minimalist dress, which she has had made in various colours:

In theory I like the idea of a simple dress that I can dress up and down as I wish but in reality I would just get bored.

I found myself the other day hankering for some copper metallic leather Birkenstocks but if you had asked me years ago if I would have bought them I would have laughed at you.

Now? They’re cute. More than cute. And comfy.

Could you really wear a single outfit forever?

You’d replace it with newer versions of course but it would still be this one outfit.


  • BW

    I think this dress fits Michele like a glove. It is like it is made for her. she seems really surreal and comfortable in her uniform. I love my jeans and wrap dresses too much to be to wear a single outfit forever.
    To wear jeans + wrap dress together as a single outfit, ahh ahh, I don’t think so.

  • Sharon

    I actually think this would be super cozy in the winter, just add layers, and/or get it made in some thicker fabrics and darker colors. Tights, boots, all seem possible to me with this and might not affect the overall shape too much.

    Here’s how she winterizes it:

    Looks like she adds base layers and wraps, which combined with this dress , I’d feel like I was in pajamas and walking around wrapped in some luxe blankets all day, which sounds amazing.

  • Cassie

    I think our climate swings too much to be able to wear the same outfit year round with a couple accessory tweaks. One outfit a season on the other hand? That I could do. I find myself gravitating towards the same outfit over and over in certain weather. When the weather changes, the go to outfit format changes.

  • Lori_Jean14

    My need for variety is too great compared to the simplicity of one outfit. I would become bored almost immediately but I do see how changing accessories could create a very different look each day. The green handbag looks wonderful with the white dress.

  • Amanda

    Wearing one outfit for life reminds me of Star Trek. It seems to work for them! Actually a lot of sci-fi movies show people with wardrobes like uniforms. Maybe we all think of minimalism as being more evolved or sophisticated?

  • raluca

    I think that it really really depends on where you live and most importantly, how you live.
    I’m extremely tempted by this dress, but really, some things need to be done in pants, for example there’s a reason you don’t see many women hiking in dresses.
    This looks like a great outfit for summer, for office work and meeting friends for lunch in the city. Not a great outfit for picking apples in the autumn in the garden or for walking the dogs in winter.

  • Paula

    Absolutely! I’m lazy AF when it comes to choosing an outfit and I have to wear uniform to work anyways, I wouldn’t mind at all, but I would have one outfit per season, as winter in Canada makes it impossible to wear nice dresses…

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