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5 Wardrobe Staples I Couldn’t Stop Wearing (Autumn 2019)

There comes some seasons where I am really into certain pieces and this season was no exception.

I picked up this Ann Taylor 1-Button Blazer in White Herringbone now $130 because it was so cold when I went to Toronto that my super-warm-weather summer wear just didn’t cut it.

I wore this blazer like there was no tomorrow. I got back to Montreal and wore it some more. It goes great over straight-legged or wide-legged pants, with or without a scarf, with ripped jeans or not… and even with this white pencil skirt I own, giving it a suit-y feel without being uncomfortable.

It’s light, yet warm enough for a cooler evening… and white is so incredibly FRESH and casual yet formally chic, instead of navy or black which always veers towards too formal for me.

If you’re wondering how to keep it so white, I recommend Tide-to-Go Instant Stain Remover Pens. It has saved many-an-item of clothing.

I don’t even know why it took me so long to finally bite the bullet and buy these Frye Melanie Flats.

They are the PERFECT mix of casual yet chic (because I don’t DO athleisure), and are extremely comfortably (are padded), do not chafe, and last for 8+ hour walks.

I slip them on to get the mail, to walk Little Bun to the park, to go run errands… I wear them so much it is embarrassing.

But look how good they look!

I mean look at how nice they look!

Moving on to cosy items I loved to snuggle up in:

I always found duster cardigans hard to wear. I mean, mentally. Is it a coat? A sweater? What kind of weather would I wear this in? What shoes?

Turns out, they go with everything. I wear this Catherine Maladrino cardigan duster for $40 when I want to feel like I am stylish without trying too hard (e.g. a blazer would be going a little too formal).

I throw the duster cardigan on over ANYTHING, including dresses, shorts and a shirt, anything that I feel needs some extra… je ne sais quoi.

I love the drape neck of this duster as well, and the sort of cape-y feel it gives me when I float (YES FLOAT) through life wearing it.

I leave it unbelted, and can wear boots with it, flats (not sandals, they look strange, a sweater + sandals?), and heels.

I am LIVING in these distressed high-rise jeans from H&M. LIVING. IN. THEM.

I don’t know what it is, but it really dials down any outfit I wear. Yes I get looks (haha), but I love that it has a bit of built in A/C (holes!) and they are incredibly comfortable. They feel just as good as premium denim brands, but without the thickness of them (if you’re into that, these are not for you).

They feel thinner, yes, but they just feel and look so good.

I like their H&M non-distressed jeans versions too.

I never, in a million, bajillion years thought I’d wear pink sunglasses and find that they go with everything. Turns out, I am completely wrong and they are the only pair I reach for so often, that I have to force myself to choose the other pairs on occasion.

I can’t find my exact pair online but these Rebecca Minkoff Square Pink Sunglasses are pretty much their twin.

The pink is soft but not sickly, the frame itself is also quite flattering with its acetate composition rather than being a tortoiseshell or something black that is really bold and out there.

They have a cool, modern retro vibe, and go with every outfit under the sun. I can’t believe I am saying this about them!

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