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3 New Ways to Wear a White Tailored Shirt

I am obsessed with white shirts!

But it can be boring (albeit classic) to just wear a white tailored shirt with jeans, pants, or tucked into a pencil skirt or leather leggings.

1. Really Oversized

Get a really oversized one. I am on the hunt for a men’s shirt right now actually if I can’t make it happen.

I’d like it to be a higher hem in front, longer hem at the back, maybe with an interesting cuff detail like some ties.

The collar has to be a little dramatic, and the cuffs have to be wide as well. I really love this one Olivia Palermo is wearing but I can’t find this shirt for the life of me.

Or have it pulled back a bit and then have the cuffs pushed up.

Here’s another look at it, but I find this particular look very hard to wear because it exposes so much of your chest – it is why I likelace bralettes or lace bra crop tops underneath so I don’t feel so exposed.

2. Tie the front of it

You might need a bigger / slightly longer shirt because I have found that on my shirts, I need to undo TWO of the bottoms on the bottom to get enough of a tail to tie it in front.


3. Add a massive necklace or bright scarf

This is what I always do, so this is my go-to look, but I think a massive necklace or scarf is the best…

Other than just wearing it with jeans, try those ideas!


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