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My Favourite Wardrobe Staples

OK so it has more of an Autumn / Winter feel, but these are my absolute favourite pieces to reach for in my wardrobe over and over again, use the arrows to go through my entire list:


  • Gina

    Can you share more about the “All Saints” white t shirt? I’m on the lookout for a good white t shirt and haven’t found it yet. I’d love to hear more about the “why” behind your choice.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      A good plain white t-shirt that is cheap is The Gap but if you want a layering T-shirt that is of EXCELLENT quality, soft, keeps its shape, and I have worn it as a layer underneath a ton of my shirts for modesty or just to wear it to give my looks another layer.

      The t-shirt is fitted and very stretchy without any polyester, 100% cotton!

      What are you looking for in a t-shirt specifically? American Apparel makes a good t-shirt too but it is not fitted.

  • The Asian Pear

    I’m surprised you only have one pair of boots! During the winter, I’m all about boots… Proper Winter boot, fashion boot, ankle boots, booties. I like my feet warm with options!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I only have one pair of major winter boots that are waterproof and warm then I have UGGs for dry freezing cold weather… and then I have fashion flat boots but I wear them only when it is dry and cold…

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