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What do you think of perfume? Do you wear it?

Perfume is not something I wear or have a real love affair with. I don’t have any memories associated with perfume, and I don’t have a signature scent unless you could the fact that I really enjoy the smell of lavender and put essential oil on every morning when I remember, but I am not a slave to it and would switch to other smells if the mood strikes me.
Perfume I like tends to be very food-y (vanilla, chocolate), or sharp and clean (laundry-like scents). I also like the idea of mixing two scents together like lavender with Clean’s Warm Cotton.
Other than that, the Maison Margiela scents are very warm and comforting without being cloying like By the Fireplace for Winter and Beach Walk for Summer.


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  • Michelle

    I used to be a parfumista, with a wardrobe of 50 full bottled and 100+ decant and samples but after a few years of perfume frenzy I downsized to 3 full bottles only. I do love perfume, life without it is like life without lipstick -unthinkable.
    Now that I own 3 perfumes only I can say I do have a signiture, and that is Robert Piguet’s Calypso. Rose, musk, geranium and a bit of soft leather. Give me roses and musk anytime, I won’t complain, vanilla and foody scents, not so much. I gravitate towards alluring, seductive scents with an oumph, skin and clean scents are just not my type.

  • Xin

    Perfumes don’t work for me, alas. I don’t think I have a particularly sophisticated taste for them, and I get a bad rash when I use them for more than a few days in a row. In that light, my recommendation for the Margiela fragrances is probably not very high praise or anything, but I do think they’re very nice! They’ve done a good job making deceptively simple, but well put together scents, for lack of a better description. I think Beach Walk and Tea Escape are particularly great, they’re exactly what they sound like (the beach or a matcha latte, respectively), but a subtle take on them.

  • Sarah | Smile & Conquer

    I was never a big perfume person. I find that overly strong perfumes, especially heavy florals, end up giving me a headache. I changed my tune when I discovered the ‘Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne’. I got a sample of it with a Sephora order one time and loved it. It’s expensive though, but I added it to my Christmas list last year and have worn it just about every day since.

  • PP Gal

    The scent of perfume gives me headache. But I tried using cologne in college. Later on, I don’t use any and I’m fine with it and I also became sensitive with the smell.

  • SuD

    I love perfumes. They convey my mood and I wear them to suit the seasons as well. I do not like overpowering, powdery or extremely sweet scents. I tend towards the clean, green or spicy smoky scents, though subtle florals work for me too. And, I often seek out perfumes that are not very common or discontinued.

  • Sense

    I don’t like perfumes on other people normally. I use them sometimes, but only ones that I really love, and I definitely try to keep it really light. I don’t like the idea of spraying my skin with chemicals, so I usually just spray my shirt instead. It still works.

    When I was in college, I fell in love with the body mist ‘In the Rain’ by Calgon. It is super light and fresh and I can barely smell anything when I put it on, but then it somehow combines with my natural body scents to become insanely enticing, and it lasts until you wash it off. I can usually still smell it on my worn clothes and jackets pre-wash and I’m always like, WHOA I LOVE THAT SMELL. Even after ~20 years! Guys have commented that I smell amazing, too. It is so very light that I can just pretend it is my natural scent 🙂

    They discontinued it, unfortunately, but I’ve bought up every bottle I could find on ebay/the Net. I use it quite sparingly since it is so rare now, and I should be good for the next 5 years.

    When I want to wear something heavier, I go for Ralph Lauren’s Romance. It also combines with my body scent to create a whole new fragrance. I can’t stop sniffing myself when I wear it, I must look like a loon! 🙂

    It really is about finding those fragrances that work with your natural body chemistry to bring out the best in both.

  • NZ Muse

    I wish I was. It would be neat to have a signature scent (I quite like light, fresh fruity perfumes).

    But they tend to get up my nose and irritate me, so I don’t wear any at all. I’m really sensitive to smells.

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