Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where does your secondhand clothing go?

1. Secrets

The Secret Life of Secondhand Clothing really outlined why I am such a huge fan of secondhand clothing. We are simply churning out TONS of clothing a day that people buy, wear once, then dispose of. Disposable clothing, is a thing, and it is a thing that must stop.

NO ONE wants your crappy, terribly made, horribly unethical Shein clothing, and yet this manufacturer is making $10b a year on people who are buying stuff like $20 shapewear thinking they’re getting a deal, realizing it’s complete crap and nothing like the $100 shapewear that actually works, and then tossing all of it or “donating it” to someone who can use it. NO ONE wants it. You heard it here first. If you cannot buy secondhand, then buy new and buy in the best quality you can afford so you can reuse it, repair it, and not have to buy new again.

2. Oversized

Speaking of quality, I am beyond surprised that Banana Republic is starting to add more quality to their lineup, and this stunning, oversized merino sweater which is 70% wool and 30% cashmere. The cuffs are thick, luxurious, and when they do not allow promotions, sales or even discounts on pieces like this, you KNOW it is better than the other stuff they’re selling and giving 40% off any time. That’s kind of my trick, I check to see if it ever goes on promo because if it doesn’t, it is likely a higher-end, popular and better-made piece.

3. Geriatric

It’s official, I am a geriatric millennial according to this article. Average net worth is $91K and they earn about $73K of income as the head of the household, with 80% of the wealth their parents had at their age. I still remember using dial-up connections for internet and I would scream when my parents would pick up the phone and cut my connection. Now, things are so much easier!!! I even remember LDs, those massive predecessors to the DVDs that you used to load into this machine to watch videos, before DVDs took over and become more popular as they were smaller (way smaller).

It’s an interesting read because the range of millennial wealth and income, is so incredibly varied. There are some making a lot of money and doing very well, and others are struggling. And this is all within the same age range of a few years.

4. Poppin

I am a huge fan of cute office supplies. Especially trays, things for filing items, everything matching etc.

5. Gen Z Slang

FINALLY. A crib sheet for those of us who do not understand half of what Gen Z are saying. Here’s a sampling from Professor James Callahan who compiled it after listening to his students speak. The entire dictionary in PDF is here.

I SIMPLY LOVE IT. I love the slang, I love the chart, and I love the quite “proper” explanation of what they’re saying. It’s both endearing, clever and smart. He also apparently tries to use the slang with his students from time to time in his coursework which is BRILLIANT. Can you imagine saying: “And he was about to catch a fade”… when talking about a historical figure!?

6. Double-breasted

I am so incredibly into this look of a double-breasted blazer, BELTED. I want to try this out with my other looks, and while I did get rid of my beige blazers, I think a better colour for me is tan or camel, like this one. Warmer, deeper tones are better for me than pale pasty ones, and I would reach for it way more often.

7. AI, AI, Pastry

(GET IT!? GET IT!?!?!) Anyway. An AI that was built to tell pastries apart by their shape and so on is being used to identify cancers. I love that they are taking technology and using it in other unconventional ways. The same thing as with bitcoin’s blockchain technology that they are starting to repurpose it to do computing a lot quicker than before which will help the environment.

8. Quest for Snacks

I bought this wonderful cat comic book from Susie Yi, as I love her stories of Squash and Ginny (her cats). It is SO well done, and Little Bun likes to read these types of comics and then repeat out the scenes to me and laugh (and make me laugh) along with him. I like supporting these smaller authors as well.

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