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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Want to make $700K a year?

1. Overemployed

This article about job-hacking while working remotely and making $700K, is interesting. To be perfectly honest, I could take on two jobs as well, but it is a lot. It means no more breaks, free time for myself, and constantly working. But like REALLY working, and at full-speed, while trying to juggle all my conference calls (it is impossible with this project). I am not sure the extra money is all that worth it, as you’d burn out and feel extremely angry at your life even if you are making a ton of money.

They’re doing this as a hack because it is $700K a year and you are only working 40 hours because you’re basically overlapping the hours, where you work 10 at one, 10 at another, and so on. But I imagine it to be a SERIOUS 40-hour week where you do not have time to take breaks as 40 hours of a week per job has to be crammed into 10 hours. I once worked with a guy whom I think did this because he kept calling me by another woman’s name. They fired him shortly after.

2. Draped

I just discovered this independent label – Meem – and I am OBSESSED with this Arron draped top. I love the way it looks, it is so much like the label Monse or Acler. I like how you can belt it, leave it unbelted, and it even comes as a dress version as well in pinstripes or the same grey texture. The skirts are also very cute like this dusty pink wrap one, or this one as a beautiful khaki green draped tulip skirt.

3. Climate Hero

Take the 5-minute Climate Hero test to see how you’re doing! I honestly think it is such a great quiz to help us be more conscious. You may not be able to do all of it (I couldn’t), but it makes you think about simple things. My main approach is:

  • Use up everything you have first
  • Think about NOT replacing the item when you run out
  • If you must replace it, look for a secondhand option, reusable and/or sustainable
  • If you must buy it new, buy the highest quality you can so you stop the disposable cycle and repair it

4. Wrapped

I do not know what it is, but I am starting to really warm to the idea of being totally clothed in soft cashmere and wool. Basically a big muumuu of it, wear some flats or short boots, a light jacket and out the door, so when I found this Lungo sweater dress, I gasped. Little Bun asked if I was going to buy it, and I added it to my shopping basket but left it there until I can think about whether or not I’d really wear it that often.

5. Broke Bobby

Have you seen this video of the brokest guy in this friend group making $125K a year? This sheet is not just to talk about vacations and planning, it’s clearly a penis measuring stick to see who is doing better than you or worse than you. Major eyeroll. It is one thing to compare yourself to others to see how much more you could be doing, or changing, it is another to use it as a way to boost your ego.

It reminds me of that whole adage about being the biggest fish in the smallest pond rather than a small fish in a big ocean – you are much happier being the biggest one in a small pool of people (e.g. you make $125K and everyone else makes $50K), than the smallest fish in an ocean like this spreadsheet where $125K means you’re broke because literally everyone else makes more money.

6. Red as blood

I have been looking for a red trench coat for as long as I can remember, and this wool one looks so perfect, very Burberry-esque. I love the buttons, the entire look makes me squeal because I think it would look fantastic in the middle of winter, amid all these black, boring coats.

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