Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


This made me laugh so hard! A new mother to be didn’t want to take maternity shots, so her husband took her place….



This made me cry. Good tears, though.


How we end up marrying the wrong people, an in-depth look. An excellent read.


Sometimes I wish we were raising Baby Bun in France, for the daycares…

(Thanks to Charlotte!)


I had a few Barbies back in the day. Loved playing with them, even if I wasn’t a super tall Amazonian blonde…. and now you get to find out about her 5 favourite things!


Americans have been cutting back on spending since 2009… but on what exactly?

Guns, cereal, gluten and pop, apparently.


It never pays to buy counterfeit crap. It can even cost you your life.


A vegetarian bear.. who woulda thunk it?


She looks just like a real-live porcelain doll! My goodness.

Like an anime character.

I can see why everyone (particularly Asians) are enamoured with this volleyball player.


Love this entire outfit, although I’d lose the cuffed bracelet…



Looks like both men AND women are getting screwed on the career front.

BF said something interesting the other day, about how if women weren’t the first ones to be hired in a company because they’ll just keep popping out babies to propagate the human race, they should just ask for more money, seeing as they aren’t the #1 choice and therefore if companies want to hire them, it means they’re really screwed and need them desperately.

Interesting take. Not sure if it’d work, but I do recommend and encourage EVERYONE (especially young women) to negotiate for more money.

I myself have negotiated 30% increases on the regular every time I have joined a company (voluntarily or reluctantly), and I am talking about 30% increases like $15,000 – $30,000 GROSS per year.


Absolutely hilarious. This is the right way to do advertising, with some humour!


While I applaud (and cringe) at what this girl had to do to her uncle to be heard, I am wondering why she was even sent to him in the first place to be “cured”. What a load of hogwash.. what did her parents THINK he was going to do to her!?


This rock hyrax (yeah I didn’t know what that was either) reminds me of Baby Bun. That tongue sticking out, mischievous little face…



Olivia Wilde, FTW.


This looks like a very practical crossbody bag. I kind of want it, but $325 is out of my reach right now because I’m pinching pennies for a condo.



Live in the U.S.? Do you know who the richest person in your state is? Maybe you should get out and start mingling.


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