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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 25 dying professions you should avoid

These are the 25 dying professions at work you should avoid getting into. I don’t think I agree with Lawyer because that is too broad of a term. You will always need lawyers for things like divorce or mergers where PEOPLE are involved and will not rely on a machine to replace someone fighting for or defending them. Ditto for IT Support. These titles are too general.

I am in love with these Taryn Rose Faye Pointed Loafers .. and I totally want them in magenta suede, beige… ALL THE COLOURS.

What a terrible and yet somewhat familiar story of women downplaying down their gender in the workplace out of fear.

I think the laser cut leather that looks like lace on this bag looks so incredibly pretty….

The Rent-a-Family industry is alive and well in Japan. Kind of sad that it exists. Can you imagine having to rent a family to make sure that you don’t get hassled when you go to family events? So much pressure.

The cobalt blue on this Halogen v-neck cashmere sweater is fantastic. I love how soft it is, how bright it is….!!!

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