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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What money personality are you?

I am the Conqueror and they aren’t totally wrong! … You can take the Empower Me Money Quiz Here.

Have you been eying my OOTDs and loving my Ted Baker purple wrap coat? Well a very similar coat in the same colour is 50% off now. Run, don’t walk!!!! I LOVE this coat. It is an unusual yet fun colour that really brightens up any outfit.

Canadian? Here are some high net worth individuals you might want to follow for inspiration. Disclaimer – I AM on this list, nearing $1M in net worth, but the other names including Gen Y money herself, are no slouches in this department.

To make money, you need to study math or economics. Who didn’t know this!!?? STEM careers pay because it is considered difficult and no one wants to get into it. I know it doesn’t seem fair, but it kind of is – there is a lack of supply and high demand for such skills. So… do what makes you uncomfortable, and go into things you are forced to grow and learn. Then become an expert and crush it salary-wise.

I got a rose gold leather watch strap replacement, and am VERY happy I found this one for $13, and it has the coolest cutout so it doesn’t look bulky on your wrist. I am seriously considering it in other colours so I can switch out the looks. Look at how nice it is:

Is anyone surprised that cattle ranchers are up in arms about fake meat? Honestly, it is for me, better for the environment that there are options like this out there, and Beyond Meat is DANG TASTY.

It is so incredibly delicious and even something I crave more than actual meat, to be honest. I know the industry will drop, same with the demand for animal milk, with the rise of soy, oat and almond milks. Thoughts? Have you tried Beyond Meat? I am a meat eater and I think it is phenomenal.

I bought this Usborne How Things Work book for Little Bun because he has been asking for it, he loves reading about machines, etc. He has a real curiousity about how everything works.

I loved this video of this police officer breaking it down at a high school. It is hypnotizing!!

Sorry, still on a Ted Baker streak because this black bag looks like the perfect size – not too big, not too small and structured! I like the compartments, the double zip (you know you need another zipped area), has a thick shoulder strap and comes in a beautiful cognac as well.


  • Xin

    That was a cute quiz, though there were a few questions where none of the answers fit. I got Stockpiler too, which ends up being fairly accurate.

  • Steveark

    Stockpiler, probably explains why I have a reasonably large pile. But I doubt I’m purely that, there were several questions where none of the choices felt like me.

  • anja

    I know a few people who studied maths and economics (which I agree, are important fields), but these people are not very well paid. They are not stupid, but I guess it also depends on the specialty you choose in these fields. There are people who simply don’t know how to pursue money, I think.

    If you are, say, a bank teller (even as university graduates, they exist), this is not going to bring you a lot of money.

    Any ideas on job names in these fields that could actually be lucrative and even allow you to be a contractor?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      If you don’t know how to pursue money, then your passion is in your field/degree and you should accept it and be happy you found something you love to do even if it doesn’t pay a ton.

      EVERY job that is based on your brain, can be remote. It is a question of whether the company wants to let you work remotely to do your work (many still do not), and whether or not you have actual skills people want to pay for that they are willing to accept your terms of not being in the office.

      Managerial positions are harder – you tend to need to be in the office to manage people, assuming they’re all also in the office, but frankly speaking, unless you need to physically be there to do work, I don’t see the barrier except in the demand/supply.

  • June

    Stockpiler in the money quiz. While I didn’t agree with all it said I found it interesting that stockpilers are often the children of parents that grew up in poverty as my parents did. They were older and financially secure by the time I came along so I don’t remember any money worries as a child. Your profile sounded right on.

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