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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The Lottery Swindler who pretended to help lottery winners


From the Tindler Swindler to Inventing Anna, this is a third one that should be made into a series – The Lottery Swindler – Jay Kurland + associates, scamming lottery winners out of their money, pretending to help them invest it. Honestly, I can see how it can be overwhelming. You win a big pile of cash, and have no idea what to do with it to preserve it. Everyone says to hire a lawyer…. so they do. An an accountant. And all of these other people to help you. Turns out – they’re the ones scamming you.


… as in, I am in love with these incredible Namjosh, handmade headbands. I am not embarrassed to say I now own 3 of them! They look so good, and change your style without doing much to it. Just throw it on top of your head. I also really like this white one.


This The Atlantic article on friendships through time, is really lovely. Certainly made me think of my own friends and how through the years, we have kept in touch even being in different cities and so on.


These are still the most comfortable sweatpants that look like actual pants, that I own. The waistband is TINY. Size up. I actually sized up and then cut out the waistband at the side to give myself room to breathe.


I found this history + architectural lesson so incredibly interesting. He breaks down the look of the typical architecture in NYC, the history behind it, some pictures of the past… I loved it all. I even rewound a few areas to re-watch them again, it was so good.

Then I realized that there is a whole playlist of them! I am very interested.


I don’t foresee myself getting on a plane any time soon. The lines sound horrendous, everything is now spreading at a much higher rate than before, and baggage is being lost left and right (though I never check anything in, anyway).

That said, I discovered these rather expensive, heavy, stunning books on travel by Assouline. They do lots of niche subjects, and the book I would love to pick up is the one on Jaipur, though they have plenty of others to peruse through.


This post on parental leave around the world was extremely interesting because in Germany they seem quite generous, and in Canada (though it depends, as you typically have to be employed to enjoy such benefits, not self-employed).

Other countries like Japan actively discourage fathers to take parental leave (BOO HISS!!), and the U.S. of course, is the bottom of the heap.


I… am in love with the designs of Dean Davidson. The quality, the work that goes into each piece is just breathtaking. Hence why, of course, I am low key stalking his Signature Signet Labradorite Ring as well as his Plaza ring which is a square stone.

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