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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The education gap is widening between the rich & the poor

“The education gap between rich and poor families is growing – By the age of three, children from professional families will have 30m more words spoken to them than children from poorer backgrounds. Part of the problem could be that modern families are increasing inequality.”

I can attest to this. I know parents who are definitely doing the Mandarin AND Spanish tutors for their already bilingual English & French children. It is truly insane to hear how much they have put their kids into, when you listen in on parent park conversations.

I am also part of the problem – I am in that cohort of richer parents, who can afford to spend all this time and money on their child to teach them at an early age and set them up for success. I mean I don’t go crazy with language tutors but he will be bilingual at the very least just because we live in Quebec.

As of late, I have been into medium-sized bags. Not too tiny that they can’t fit my phone and keys, with other incidentals, but not too large that it breaks my back. This LOFT crossbody is PERFECT.

Imitation designer bags in Italy itself, are selling on the streets – the quality is higher and it is getting harder and harder to find the fake. In fact, some of the bags are “real” fakes, as in they are made in the same factories as the other bags, of the same materials and quality, but marked way way down. And along those lines, another article on why fake bags are becoming much harder to spot.

I have slowly been interested in trying out some tie dye printed items, and this shirt looks both classic and chic, yet interesting because of the tie dye… They even have that dark gorgeous indigo tie-dye in a shirtdress, and this pink dress in tie-dye is also soft and very pretty.

An incredibly inspiring story of a legless doctor treating villagers for 17 years in rural China. She is a real inspiration. It is quite a read.

This open drape cardigan from LOFT is finally on sale, and it is perfect for the office and even for casual wear.

Was the nuclear family model a mistake? Settle in, it is a good read. In some ways, I see that if we had extra help like with grandparents, aunts and uncles, or cousins, life would be easier – a village raising a child rather than just myself and my partner.

That said, I would likely prefer separate households, not necessarily extended family living with me, but at least, within close reach. But I wouldn’t be opposed to in-laws or extended folks living with us. You do what you must for family.

I don’t know who is in charge of Banana Republic these days but they are knocking it out of the park – this dotted, tie-neck blouse from them is perfect for work, summer, casual wear with jeans… I am in love!

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