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Where do the richest people in Canada live?

In Ontario apparently.



Here are the numbers.. with my tongue-in-cheek commentary:

  • Ontario: $86.75 billion — Proximity to U.S.A., Toronto is also very dynamic
  • Quebec: $30.35 billion — Because of the Mafia? Just kidding… sort of.
  • Outside Canada: $23.21 billion — Haha! Of course. Ex-pats…
  • British Columbia: $21.64 billion — Retirees in the sweetest weather in Canada
  • Alberta: $19 billion — Oil and cows. Moo!
  • New Brunswick: $11.28 billion — Seafood
  • Nova Scotia: $5.94 billion — More seafood
  • Manitoba: $3.4 billion — No one likes having to spray for mosquitos each summer

You may have also noticed the Canadian Territories (yes, we have more land!) did not make it on the rich list (poor Territories, they’re always left out of all the reindeer games), but that’s probably because the answer is: 0.

No one lives there unless they have to (and a few who actually want to), and I think the number speaks for itself.

And there you have it.




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