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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Luxury – Behind the mirror & its shiny façade

As an avid consumer of (secondhand) luxury, I am horrified by this video. You’d think paying more, means better working conditions and less crap overall in purchasing these goods, but apparently not. It is hard to tell who is being truthful any more…

If you work a lot in your car and treat it like a mobile office like I do, or just like to sit in there alone in a parking lot sipping on a coffee in a mug while you have some peace and quiet from your rambunctious little animal at home, this 12V inverter for plugging in your electronic devices might be exactly what you need. I own it (paid for it), and it has a very slight electric whine, but it WORKS. I bought maybe 5 other inverters and even the most highly recommended one didn’t work at all for my laptop. :-\ … This charges my Macbook pretty quickly and has 2 USB slots. Perfect.

Thoughts about this posting for basically a nanny for an 18-year old Canadian student studying law abroad in Leeds? They have to basically run her life for her – stock the fridge with healthy snacks, a driver, a chef (not gourmet though thankfully), and a cleaner. Part-time to basically.. take care of her. O_o Is this what the world is coming to? My goodness…

I am still really into these Franco Sarto pointed flats. They look comfortable, a high vamp….leather. I just can’t justify buying another pair of flats. Or can I?

20 Habits the rich do everyday…. taken from the book – Rich Habits by Corley. You’d be surprised how controversial some of these I posted were; some of the comments I got were surprising to me…and 6 spending habits of the very rich. They all make sense to me, quite honestly.

The mix of vivid bright prints in this Anthropologie dress are really speaking to me, but then I look at this utility dress that looks like liquid metal and I change my mind.

And lastly, this is a fun quiz to spend like the super rich. LOL…


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