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Ask Sherry: On resume career gaps and buying scarves

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Are you no longer into buying scarves? I noticed in your “Purchases of 2019” roundup that there weren’t any scarves. Is it because you already have a lot of scarves?

I HAVE SO MANY SCARVES!!!! I don’t need any more.

I also tend to only really wear my thick cashmere ones, I need to really put my scarves out on display so  I can grab one a week.

I didn’t buy a single one. I also don’t really look for scarves when I thrift.

I am currently on a break from working (I also moved to another country…) and considering you did it too, how do you justify it during a job interview ?

I’d tell them the truth – you moved to another country.

I don’t really need to justify anything to my interviewers. I just tell them I was waiting for the right contract, that I don’t work for less than what I am worth.

The only thing is if I took off 1-2 years. I tell them the truth – either I was pregnant, and on maternity leave (true), or I took a sabbatical (also true).

It is perfectly acceptable to take long tracts of time off as a freelancer.

No one expects you to be working a full year, there is always bench time.

As an employee I think sabbatical is the safest answer. Totally normal to take one these days to reset and take a break. Doesn’t make you any less valued!

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