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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: How much is the Royal Family Worth?

Love reading net worth posts because I’m nosy AF so these Royal Family ones are really juicy. I am not under any illusion that they don’t work for the money — they bring in a lot of dough for the economy and the Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Effect on the economy is REAL.

LOVING my vegan leather jacket from BlankNYC with the rose gold accents.. I love the removable hood and that I don’t freak out when / if some water gets on it. Plus.. rose gold! Hello! And it is only $98 USD.

Are you the only woman at your level? Of colour? Of sexual orientation? That could be the reason why you are thinking of quitting — you don’t see anyone else around who is like you, and it is very difficult.

My Frye Melissa boots are still hands down, the most comfortable pair of knee-high boots I own, especially with some Birkenstock insoles that really support my arch and heel.

Redefine the way you see success and ambition. Not just for women, but I think for men as well. Getting to the top as a President or a VP does not have to be everyone’s goal. My goal for instance is exactly that — to not be a manager of anyone but myself.

If I had an event to go to, my designer chosen would be Marchesa. This whimsical butterfly-like dress is stunning. And if that is too frilly  for you, this is a very sleek column dress.

Big, massive homes are a waste of money, debt and energy. I knew this already only because when we lived in a 600 square foot home, we used EVERY SINGLE SQUARE FOOT, but being in an 1000 square foot home now, the second bedroom for Little Bun is the only one we don’t use on a regular basis — it is storage right now. When he gets older, we will see more usage there, but right now he sleeps with us and plays in the living room.

I bought these H&M jeans recently at $50 and they are phenomenally close to designer jeans that cost $250 or more. I am so amazed, I bought that pair, and this white pair. I wrote a whole piece on how close they are to real premium denim too!

Celebrity skincare secrets are things I always look at with suspicion. Unless they tell me the truth that they avoid going out in the sun, wear SPF religiously, get weekly facials, and have a chef on staff who cooks healthy food for them all day long, I don’t believe a word of what they are saying. So when I read about these celebrity skincare routines and a bit more science behind them, I was nodding pretty vigorously.

THINKING your way to better skin is a load of crock, and I have learned and known for a long time that SPF matters. I just forgot to do it on my hands so now I am also slathering SPF on the backs of my hands as well. Eeeeep!

This Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol has made a huge difference in my skin tone, texture and whole situation. It was rough the first little while with all the purging going on, but it is so worth it.


  • Sense

    When I was 18, my aunt told me to put SPF on my face, back of hands, and neck/decolletage to ward off aging. I started doing it right away. At age 40, I still get carded and about 6 years ago was almost kicked out of a mall that had a 16+ curfew!

    When people ask me what my secret is, I say “Two things: 1. sunscreen and 2. I am single and child-free.” hahaha

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      You are absolutely right. I only started getting visible white hairs when I had Little Bun. :S

      I wish I had that SPF advice when I was 18, but I do hate tanning and being hot in the sun (I don’t mind darkening), so that has helped me a bit, loving the cool shade instead because I run so hot in the summer and hate sweating.

      I’m mid-30s now but I still get asked what I am studying.. haha

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