Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: All of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s RBG’s Famous Collars

1. Collared

All the famous Notorious RBG collars. I own the third from the left in that exact silver & in its bronze.

2. Dried Up

I have taken to using dry shampoo again. There are just days where .. it gets away from me by way of working and this dry shampoo saves my life.

3. Upcycled

I love that Adina is getting into upcycled jewellery making as well. Her pieces are giving me lots of inspo.

4. Fakery

Now that I am working again and likely to hit a video call at one point, I bought these blue light blocking glasses to wear so I feel like I am at work (it sounds stupid but it does work). They make me feel and look smarter… which is the whole point.

5. Oops!

This is the perfect Saturday Night Life (SNL) Spoof on those ridiculous car commercials where a spouse ‘surprises’ another with a car. I laughed so hard, tears came down…


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6. Cosy

Oddly enough, I get really cold sitting at my desk (I am by the window), and I had to cave and buy this cosy blanket so that I stay warm.

7. Female Power

Speaking of female empowerment, the City of Paris was fined for having TOO many women in senior positions of management. Ironic right? Where are the reparations of the past where it was 100% men and only men? The mayor said she’d gladly pay it.

8. Hat trick

Stylish fedoras are hard to find, especially nice wool ones. These ones don’t look so bad, and I am going to try out the white one (been obsessed with this look lately).



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