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Bonus Stuffie Adventure: The Holiday Christmas Party!

Christmas has already passed, but Little Bun still wants to listen to Christmas songs and hold parties, so we made one for the Stuffies.

It was Babiest Stuffie who planned it all… and in fact, this image was upside down but I didn’t know it at the time, so we took a picture like this:

The real way was this way!

Now you can see that Babiest Stuffie at the bottom, made a happy face with an orange smile and two yellow eyes, there are TWO Christmas Cake Pops to the top right, and a big Christmas cake with a spiraling inside made out of green blocks on the left.

Babiest Stuffie calls out: BIGGEST STUFFIE! BIGGEST STUFFIE!!! WAKE UP!!! and he peeks out over the bedroom balcony:

No wait, you need to close your eyes for the big surprise!

Cool rhyme!, says Little Bun as he helps Biggest Suffie keep his eyes closed.

Down on the carpet, he gasps at the cute little Stuffie Smile:

Admires the whole setup.

Babiest Stuffie offers him a Christmas Cake Pop to share:

Then he admires the big cake that was made…

Babiest Stuffie starts laying out the slices of cake to eat: Lemon, Pistachio, Apple, and Banana.

But first, the special snowflake middle! It’s REAL snowflake.

On Mommy’s suggestion, Little Bun tops it with “maple syrup” (yellow blocks):

And some raspberries so that it’s special snowflake +raspberry + maple syrup topping!

Two happy faces demolish the cake.

Then as a surprise treat, Little Bun sets up some cherries to eat (one of HIS favourite fruits):


The End.


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  • Gail

    Oh,to be a Stuffie! I’ll have pistachio, thank you.
    Thank you for a delightful show this morning.

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