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How much do you put on your face daily?

Women spend quite a bit on their faces… but how much do YOU spend on yours?


  • Exfoliant: $34
  • Cleanser: $24
  • Tea tree oil: $10
  • Moisturizer: $68
  • Sunscreen: $155

TOTAL: $291 (before taxes)


Exfoliant: O.R.G. Skincare Body Peel (yes I use it on my face, every single day)

Cleanser: Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Oil Free Cleanser

Tea Tree Oil: Any brand I find in the organic store, as long as it’s cheap (~$10)

Moisturizer: Holistic Vanity Hyaluronic Lotion (it is light and my skin loves it)

Sunscreen: Pacific Desert Island Duet or Green Beaver Sunscreen but the sunflower oil makes me break out



  • All the above products: $291
  • Foundation: $12
  • Eyeliner: $12
  • Eyeshadow: $50
  • Mascara: $10
  • Concealer: $24
  • Blush: $24
  • Lip Balm: $6
  • Lip Balm / Stick: $10

TOTAL: $439 (before taxes)


My makeup varies from season to season. I also use really expensive eyeliners (Urban Decay) and cheap ones too (Annabelle).

It kind of depends on what I feel like wearing that day, so I gave general prices of how much I generally spend.

The two products I am always trying to find the Holy Grail of (without silicones) is Foundation and Concealer. So far, no luck.

The rest of it, no problem. I love Urban Decay and Annabelle eyeliners, I like the Annabelle, Mac, Jane Iredale and Urban Decay eyeshadows, Mascaras can be any mascara from the drugstore.

The blush is also not a big deal, I buy drugstore blush, mostly from Annabelle or Tarte, and same with the lip balm, although I have a preference for Burt’s Bees.

As for the lip balm / stick, I use Revlon as my main brand, but I don’t really like wearing a lot of lipstick or tinted colours, so *shrug*


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  1. Cassie

    If I’m being completely honest, this is what I use daily:
    Tatcha rice enzyme cleansing powder – $78
    Tatcha brightening serum – $242* can’t get it in Canada, so I threw the USD in the google currency exchange to get CAD.
    Blinc mascara – $30
    Josie Maran cheek gelee – $15
    Blistex lip balm – $4
    Total – $369 before taxes

    I have moisturizer for when the weather requires it, and oil cleanser for when I wear more makeup, but I don’t use them daily. I know I should be wearing sunscreen daily as well, but I only wear it on days I know I’ll be outside for an extended period. I also have concealer/eyeshadow/etc… for days I wear more makeup, but 90% of the time the items above are what I wear.

    It feels weird to spend so much money on being reasonably low maintenance, but it took me a long time to find products that worked for me, so I have no real desire to change them.


      You make me want to try this Tatcha stuff.. *itching to do it* but I know my skin regimen works so I am loathe to change it.

  2. Roxana

    I used to spend a lot on my face but not anymore, because mana expensive products made my alergic skin go mad. .
    -I never exfoliate, I just double cleanse în the evening and wash my face with Bioderma gel în the morning.
    -my mixed complexion cannot stand serums and breakes up no matter what I use. I gave them up.
    -after many and costy experiences with La Mer and the likes I returned to simple Avene, La Roche Posay and Uriage moisiturizers and lotions and I have to say my skin never looked better.
    -I never use different face creams for Day and night and I preffer simple moisiturizers to antiage products because the breake mea up.
    To sum up, less then 100 euro per month.


      i have gone back to Paula’s Choice as my Holy Grail. Otherwise, I tend to spend a lot of money on things from the brand but that’s about it.

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