Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 29% of households have less than $1000 saved

These 17 water fountains are jaw-dropping. I especially love the last digital one that looks so zen and mesmerizing.

I am really not into patent anything, and designs on rainboots always look silly o me, but this Hunter patent high gloss quilted rainboot looks SO CHIC. Kind of reminds me of a studded rainboot or something. Very rock and roll.

This look into actual retirement savings is really freaking scary. 29% only have $1000 saved, and in my age group they’ve only saved about $24,820 …. O_o … what a kick in the #%( for me. Use this Bankrate retirement calculator to see how you stack up… and Canadians, I rather like the Sunlife retirement calculator (’tis very pretty)…

I bought a few of these Maybelline Matte Inks, and while they will not be the holy grail of matte lipsticks, they DO stay on my lips as colour the whole day (no touch up required), and the colours are pretty. I picked up Lover (summer pink), Ruler (autumn/winter pink) and Pioneer (a gorgeous blue red)

One of the most comprehensive and helpful individual reviews of dermarolling around. Did I mention I’m into facial S&M now? No really, I run microscopic, super sharp needles into my skin to force it to regenerate and heal the scars, wrinkles, plump up with collagen and overall make me look younger.

I bought this cheapie dermaroller in lieu of spending $250 USD on one plated in gold (being glib).

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