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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


This surfin’ seal is adorbs.


Yep, this fashion management triangle sounds about right, and if you have a shape like mine, mainstream fashion doesn’t work.

I’m a size 4 normally, but in stores like Banana Republic, I am a 00. This does not exist in “Regular”, it only exists in “Petite”, but I am also not 5’4″, I am 5’6″, so I get screwed for being too tall (just by an inch or two) and too slim.

My body shape is costing me money.


I haven’t listened to Weird Al in a while but this is a VERY well done video.

Thanks to AP for pointing it out!


This, my friends.. THIS .. is true, selfless love. *sniffle*


Yes. YES. I stayed at home with Baby Bun (alone, mostly) and it drove me bonkers because I craved adult interaction/conversation.


What a strong spirit, this child had. He may have saved more lives than he thinks.


This made me tear up. Why?

Well.. I’m imagining Baby Bun having the same reaction to his future siblings.


You didn’t imagine it, the middle class really is poorer. 20% poorer than in 1984, actually.


This 23-year old poker player bet $1,000,000 and then……….

Maybe he should have taken some lessons from this low-key billionaire.


Two words: Face Math.

face-math-1 face-math-2 face-math-3


Women who become mothers leave the workforce because it’s a better deal.

That means that more American women are knocked out of the workforce when they have biological children: not because of some magical mind-meld between mother and child, but because having a baby is exhausting and requires a measure of physical recovery.

A woman has to take a break when she has a baby, whether it’s paid or not, while a male partner can get by without time off unless he’s paid to take it.

And when mothers are the primary caretakers from day one, that sets a precedent: If a family can’t afford child care, it’s generally the mother who will leave her job to pick up the slack. 

This paragraph says it all for me. It is 100% true and exactly what happens.

If I didn’t make the kind of money I did (let’s face it, even half of what I make), I don’t know how I’d afford daycare and all the expenses that come with working.


Out of all the birth orders, I think I probably identify with First Born the most.. but I am not a First Born. O_o



Quite an interesting read about religion and the universe — it may change your mind about how you act.


Gorgeous body art… I mean I can’t even begin to tell you how talented and incredible these artists are


Thanks to Daisy for reminding me about this site!


I am SO building something from this Ikea Hacks site for Baby Bun. Maybe a little kitchen or a lego table.!slide=2448240


It costs about $731,000 to buy everything in an issue of Vogue Australia.

The most expensive item in Vogue Australia was a $74,730 Celine coat and the most affordable was a $45 pair of knickers designed by Stella McCartney, however the model was photographed on an Emilio Pucci fur coat with a $POA price tag – fashion speak for “next month’s rent plus some”.

Cost to buy all the products featured on editorial pages:

Vogue Australia – $731,182 v Vogue US – $365,462

GQ Austraila – $245, 386 v GQ US – $91,331

InStyle Australia – $180,906 v InStyle US – $158,490

Marie Claire Australia – $100,302 (Marie Claire US was not included in Veltman’s study)

Cosmopolitan Australia – $39,879 v Cosmopolitan US – $42,835 

Thanks to Million Dollar Diva for the link!


I remember seeing this $107.5 million dollar house in Hong Kong… If it sells for that price, it becomes the most expensive house in the world.


  • The Asian Pear

    I’m so glad you liked Word Crimes. I love that song too. 😀

  • Heather

    Yes! I loved the Weird Al grammar parody! And interesting info about the cost of purchasing everything in the magazines!

  • Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom

    Wow, I don’t think I really fit into any of those birth order categories!

  • Taylor Lee

    I’m just an inch too short to even fit in the petite clothing (despite having the waistline for “regular” clothes) so I’ve pretty much given up on finding clothes that fit off-the-rack and get everything tailored instead.

    I am DEFINITELY the oldest child to a T, but I wouldn’t really say my younger brother is much like the youngest. Maybe like a meld between youngest and only (which might make sense since he spent his high school years basically solo with my mother).

  • AdinaJ

    The Ugly Volvo is the best. You should also really check out My Three Angles.

    Face math = mind blown.

    I am SO an only child.

    I used to love going through Vogue with an imaginary “big bucks” budget (say $50k), and decide what I would spend it on. Sometimes, it was really hard to find enough things I loved to get even close to my limit. Most of the time, I got bored halfway through the magazine. Being rich is boring, lol! That’s my takeaway, anyway 😉

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  • Nell

    Love that you shared the article on what it costs to buy everything in Vogue. I’ve stopped buying fashion mags because it’s all just got a little to ridiculous.

  • NZ Muse

    I can imagine it – middle class being worse off. Prices have gone up but wages have not gone up proportionately.

    Yeah, it wasn’t until recently when I really started thinking about it and also knowing people having kids that I thought about the simple physical aspect of being pregnant/giving birth.

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