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How to find your own personal style: Part One – The Journey

My personal style has evolved over the years.


When I was a kid, I could not get enough of pink, white and purple all because I had read in the Sweet Valley Twins series that Elizabeth (my favourite, OCD, overachieving, academically-minded twin) was REALLY into those 3 colours and her entire room was decorated like that.


As I got older, I got into the tomboy phase, where I only wore pants and refused dresses and skirts until I started high school. In my tomboy phase, I wore a lot of bright rainbow colours.


Once I hit high school I went into this awkward style phase of growing into being a young adult, and through it all, I turned into a bit of a punk goth (very light) mixed with being a little tight & trashy (a young teen’s attempt at trying to look attractive and mixing it up with showing skin, albeit not much by today’s standards).


Fast forward to college and I was starting to experiment with patterns, loud prints, bright colours, and everything NOT solid, muted or neutral.

I did however, refuse to wear sweatpants to school and as I entered business school, I went from loud bright prints to stuff that was a little more safe and boring. You know, sweater sets and jeans.

My first working years were this awkward classic but still young-ish college look and frankly I was trying to find myself.



Currently, my personal style is back to being more classic with an edge.

For instance:

Classic stripes in a cobalt and white stripe top over a pair of pants with some hardware (zippers).

But one of my all-time favourites is this South of France inspired 50s look:

Or it is usually a classic outfit of a jacket and jeans with a statement necklace:

I’m slowly phasing out skirts and things that are mid-thigh, anything too tight or flashy, and bright colours/rainbow-brite patterns except in accessories.

But how did I arrive at this “style”? How did I figure out that this was my PERSONAL style?

Coming up in Part Two: How I found inspiration

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Posted on September 17, 2014

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  1. Marie-Josée

    I love the styles you showed via those pictures. Very stylsih! Especially the 50’s inspired skirt ourfit. I have had the same style since adolescence – love, classic, comfy clothes: striped French sailor sweaters, twin-sets, basic tees with well fitting jeans or pants, bright and colourful necklaces to spruce things up. I also own brightly coloured leather purses (red, hot pink) as accessories. I find the French really nail it, and look well dressed even in jeans, by pairing them with a striped sweater such as the one above, or a well fitting t-shirt and a beautiful scarf. I am overweight and I struggle to find well cut and stylish clothes. I can easily find well cut twin sets or work pants, but struggle to find week-end wear. I don’t understand why designers think that huge flower prints or geometric patterns look good on big women. I think they’re fine on a spring or summer dress or perhaps a bright and bold skirt, but for heaven’s sake, NO ONE who is overweight looks good in a blouse or top sporting huge flowers, circles etc. I am slowly beating my battle with the bulge and am now wearing a little more tight fitting close, instead of styles chosen to hide my big apple shaped body. I don’t own a lot of clothes and wear about 10 tops in rotation at work. I also own three pairs of work pants including a pair of jeans. I rev things up with my extensive collection of costume jewelry necklaces.


      Try solid colour wrapped dresses. They look put together, look great on bigger curvier figures (better than mine anyway), and are fantastic.

      Check out Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen. I covet her style!

  2. The Asian Pear

    To be honest, my personal style isn’t hard set yet. I have days when I’m more gothic, some days I’m very casual and bohemian, other days I’m more sophisticated. I do know that I tend to like different textures and materials. And whatever I wear, it’ll always have a gothic look to it as I tend to vibe toward black, empire waists, lace detailing and silver hardware.


      Well it is ok to be a style chameleon.. Some days I am very simple, other days I go all out with belts and intricate tucking.. haha.

  3. Corianne

    My style now is sooooo different. In high school it was jeans and tshirts and lots of bright colours combined with black. At uni I experimented with hair colour and much less colour and more black, still mostly jeans with some dresses thrown in. Coming back from China and during my master degree I really lost the jeans and at the moment I wear mostly dresses. I own 2!! pairs of pants, a black one and dark-purple one. I have lots of dresses, for all occasions (work, casual, formal). Dominant colours are black, dark green and navy though I have more brighter ones as well, but nothing pastel (ugh). I still colour my hair but it’s been the same for about 4 years now (a very natural looking red people can’t believe is fake).

    (This was a fun exercise!)


      I am into EVERYTHING now. Mostly minimalist ivories against black lately (with blue) but… I can’t even pick.

  4. save. spend. splurge.

    Sweet Valley Twins shaped my life I think. That and reading manga.

    Oh thank you 🙂

  5. Ramona

    Back in the 90’s we were doing very bad financially. My grandparents and father had small incomes and I was in highschool. I would purchase stuff that was comfortable and could be worn many times (jeans, hoodies etc.) since they couldn’t afford to buy me too many items. So I’d have 1-2 pairs of jeans to wear and few blouses/tees.

    Weird enough, as I started earning money myself, I kept this ‘functional’ style to the date. I don’t own skirts or dresses, still wear jeans and short pants (during summer). I’m clearly not an example when it comes to being stylish 😀

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      You are practical and there is nothing wrong with that. I love style and experimenting which gets me in trouble but it brings me joy 🙂

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