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Style Spy: 10 Spring Trends for 2016

Just from blog reading, runway browsing and Instagramming, I have started to compile a list of what are considered “trends” for 2016.

I will not be following all of them, particularly #7 Ruffles, #9 Slippers or #10 Slouchy Pants. They are trends that don’t work for me and are not my style.

The rest..? Why not!

1. Lace-Up Flats

I see these EVERYWHERE. They actually look pretty good and give something new to a pointed flat that is chic and stylish to me at least.

They also look a bit like ballerina slippers with the strings. I would be on board with this trend in a neutral lace up flat so that it elongates my leg.

2. Masculine blazers

Has this EVER been out of style? I love me a good masculine blazer, either double or single breasted, with a nice strong shoulder and in a tweed, pinstripe or wool fabrication.

It looks great with a pair of cropped pants, jeans..or layered over a sweater.

3. Faux Fur

I am not into real fur, so I put “faux fur”. I also like the idea of faux fur but only in a very small amount, and as a scarf / stole. I am not into the full coat look in faux fur, or even a vest.

I would feel too much like a gorilla…. 🙂

4. Metallics

Metallics are back!! In all of its glorious forms. I prefer metallics only in accessories or in very VERY small quantities on a top or on a bottom. Nothing too mirror-like and only in very elegant doses.

I really love me a good metallic flat or bag. It always makes any outfit look shinier.

5. Bold Stripes

This has never been out of style for me. I love strong, bold stripes, I like thin stripes, but this year’s trend is not just blue and white stripes, it’s coloured stripes all crazily mixed in together like some rainbow mash up.

6. Lingerie as outerwear

Lingerie-style slips as dresses are coming back, along with lace-trimmed tank tops underneath blazers to add a little boudoir to your style.

7. Ruffles

I am not into ruffles but apparently they’re BIG this Spring. Ruffles upon ruffles, I remember this being hot about 10 years ago.

I guess trends really do come around in cycles.

8. Bold, long, dangly, statement earrings

Shoulder-skimming, eye-catching pieces that dangle and need to be the only piece of jewellery you wear in your outfit and nothing else save for perhaps a watch.

9. Slides as Shoes

Go even lazier if possible and slide on some shoes. They take even less time than ballet flats and can double as bedroom slippers (although I would not recommend bringing in the outside to your bedroom).

I will not be trying out this trend, it is a little too bedroom meets college student-y for me, but with the right outfit, it could look hot.

10. Slouchy Pants

Slouchy, baggy, anything that is the opposite of tight and skinny which has been the reigning trend for the past few years.

No harem pants though, please. A nice paperbag waist pant could be very pretty.


  • SarahN

    So, there’s no way I’ll do the lace up flats (have had lace up heels in the past, and loved them, but there’s nothing good in flat imo). I don’t think slides are ‘slippers’ but I think that might be a cultural thing. To me, they are shoes! i would buy them too.

    Stripes are always a fave for me. I would also do a ruffle, but I’m pretty picky on how/whether and how feminine. I will NOT do slouchy pants, thank you very much. Dangly earrings as something I love (BF does not) so they are largely something I look at as they are displayed in our bathroom. If I’m out in the evening without him, I’ll often take the opportunity to wear them. Love metallics too.

    You know just days ago I tried on that J Crew blazer, but the price wasn’t worth it – I was also a little worried as it didn’t have the ‘give’ in it that I would like, and being white, I feel it’s more a summer wear, so a light fabric would have been preferable. I did just see a great grey blazer in Australian Target for $49 and I tried it on – it’s in ponti, lined sleeves only, but I’m (again) unsure about the synthetic fabric mix,… I’ll review when it gets cooler (and if it’s still in stock) as a grey jacket has been on my ‘to get’ list for about three years, along with white!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      HAHA! Lace up heels would be cute too, but I have a sort of penchant for lace up anything (ballerina-like), so flats are interesting for me.

      Slippers, I cannot see them as shoes. There’s no back or strap.

      I LOVE huge earrings too, but that’s all I’ll wear with the simple outfit.

      Target has pretty good blazer options, and shirt options. Too bad they went out of business here in Canada.

    • Gina

      I’ve heard JCrew quality is going down…..what do you think?

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