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Having an issue giving myself a break to relax

Whenever I get free time, I am working on the blog, on social media.. you name it.

I am never really “off” where I lie around, read a book, decide I am going to just do something brainless and dumb.

There is always something to do!

  • Writing blog posts – I do 1X a day
  • New Instagram posts – I schedule 3X a day
  • New Pinterest posts – This one is crazy, like 10X a day but it isn’t as difficult as it is just repinning what’s there
  • Cleaning up tags or other boring mindless blog work
  • Organizing / coming up with new thoughts for posts and having to do the calculations for them such as this one on how much you need to have saved for retirement, and doing in Excel, then in Photoshop takes a lot of time

Even when I am at home, watching seasons of TV shows I enjoy, I am working in the background – fixing necklaces, and not focusing on the episode or whatever it is.

I just feel like my time is so limited, so precious that I should double-multitask when I can.

Tell me I am not the only one who feels this way!

Ways I am working on scaling back

Purposefully making myself do an activity I have to concentrate on

Example – Going through all my necklaces the other day and seeing what needed to be cleaned, what was broken, and what I could sell.

Blocking off time before bed, just to lie there and read a book

It is difficult because Little Bun very much enjoys it when I watch his (endless, repetitive) Tom and Jerry episodes with him, and lying there to read a book can get interrupted more than 5-6 times in a half hour, breaking my concentration.

Watching shows while I am doing something truly brainless like washing dishes

Even this, is not great. I should really just sit and watch the episode and not do anything but my hands are so idle. I need to knit or do something that doesn’t require my eyes (often).



  • Tim

    Ah, the ideal hands problem. This is something I’ve worked on my whole life. It can be hard but learning to just relax at times doing not much of anything is actually a useful skill. We don’t have to be productive all the time, yes I know the urge to be is strong, but you can really just sit down and relax. Read a book, daydream while having a cool drink on the patio, do what ever you enjoy and taking an hour or two off from the rest of the world will prove something important…the world doesn’t need us to do anything. It keeps on turning regardless of if your are productive or not. So remember it’s okay to just not do something for a while. Hard at times but there is a deep peace of being able to relax fully once in a while. Good luck.

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