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  • Ati Aziz

    I was at a conference recently, where most speakers were talking about how we (food producers) have to meet the demand of growing consumption for 10 billion people in 30 years. I feel like tearing my hair out every time, why is no one talking about addressing consumption pattern? If we all eat a little consciously every day, we don’t need to go through these industrialised, food-making machines and probably not that many people would go hungry to bed every day!

    The frustration can be crippling, I tell ya. And this video just scares me even more… T_T

  • Heather H

    This website is an excellent resource for finding local meat and produce.

    You can click Canada at the top of the US map for Canadian farms by location.

  • Heather H

    We shifted to using our local farmers for meat, farms where I can visit and see how the animals are raised. Factory farmed meat is terrible for the animals, the environment and for our own health.

  • MakintheBacon

    Interesting video. To be honest, I don’t consider the video to be that horrifying. (I think the music makes it super dramatic).The reality is that the population of the world is HUGE and still growing. This isn’t necessarily the most humane way to raise animals for food, but this helps meets the growing demands of consumption. I don’t want to be a vegetarian because of this. I love my meat, however I do make somewhat of an effort to eat less of it to help my health and my wallet.

    The end result is sad but true. Gluttony is evil.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @MakintheBacon: I’m a bit scared for mass-produced meat. I don’t want to give up meat 100% either, but I am not eating meat from animals who haven’t been raised or properly treated to have a good life BEFORE I ate them.

      I am wondering if our demands for consumption justify all of this. Do we really need to eat a steak or the equivalent of a steak each meal?

      I used to do that.

      Now I eat 1 drumstick from a chicken thigh a day, and the rest of the time I go vegetarian / vegan. I haven’t missed meat all, I’ve just learned that it can’t be for every meal.

  • One More Knight

    I am now a bit closer to becoming a vegetarian. And I don’t believe my milk is ‘made’ like that, but I’m probably a victim of hype. Will be checking it out :-\

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I think organic or not, all cows go through the same milking process.. but they may not be caged up all the time if they’re organic — they let the cows roam in the fields and do their own thing, then go into the barns to be milked instead of being caged up.

      I am more vegetarian than I was before. I used to eat meat three times a day, now I’m down to a drumstick of chicken a day (free range, organic chicken.. not the kind they stuff into the boxes as shown above). I believe strongly in at least giving animals a good life before eating them.

      Read: What bothers me the most about eating meat if you want…

  • Jenni

    Thanks for sharing, I have also shared it, maybe it will make one person think a bit and change their habits.

  • Bridget


    The end is particularly chilling. We hurt everything to hurt ourselves.

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