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Why I don’t want to wear the same outfit everyday

Could I realistically come up with a work and play uniform and just wear the same thing daily like Barack Obama or my partner?


I can already imagine what it would be.

Do I want to?


Frankly, I am getting tired of people harping on it as being very un-minimalist and not at all in line with being a personal finance blogger.

I totally get why people wear one outfit or propose a single uniform forever, for the love of minimalism, or the idea that it actually exists.

Or, just to save money (or really, not to waste it), or to cut down on having to make a decision on what to wear each day.

But this is SO not me, even though I do seem to have three sets of ‘uniform’ base outfits I create and then style each day, I like having different base items, switching out accessories, etc.

I actually enjoy wearing different things daily.

I can wear the same things everyday but my goodness I’d be bored and so would you, because my Instagram would suck.

I don’t want to wear a single outfit for the rest of my life.

So could everyone just stop with chirping about how they’re saving so much money or time by just having one uniform they reach into the closet to wear each day, so they can concentrate on other things?

To that, I say:

What other things?

Finding a cure for cancer?

Training for the Olympics?

Can’t I look good AND find a cure for cancer while training for the decathlon?

(Just kidding about the working out part, I hate the gym.)

It is actually a fun hobby for me to think of different outfits and styles, to add new pieces, and have different style personalities each day.

I enjoy it.

So if you don’t like style and getting dressed daily in a new outfit, then please stop trying to make it seem like you’re the bee’s knees, and people who don’t fall into your robot uniform line, are ditzy idiots who are spendaholics.

Even Michelle Obama enjoys wearing great & different clothes and she is by no means an idiot.

““He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’

It’s like, Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.”


“You didn’t need any more shoes.

The shoes you had on yesterday were fine.

Why can’t you just wear that for the rest of the presidency?”

/end rant


  • Amy F;)

    Love this post!

  • SarahN

    I have a uniform in the sense that I wear pants + button up top most often to work. But there are many tops and many pants… and bling – no thanks to you, some Etsy purchases and the like. Outside of work, I end up in a similar uniform, swapping shorts for summer, and sometimes letting myself be OK with a hoody for warmth – I used to think it was just homewear, but then I realised, no body cares, and I don’t look slothenly… Anyhow, I have a uniform – it helps me to buy things I end up wearing. It narrows down my browsing. And when I’m bored, I return to the thrift store for more or buy some new accessories!

  • Kathy

    I get so tired of the judgmental posts I often read about how if you only have 5 items of clothing you can make a dozen outfits, and that the inference is that is all everyone should have. I have nothing against minimalism but I don’t like that it somehow makes a person better than everyone else because they choose not to spend their money on (gasp) material things. Like they are so much more enlightened or superior. Glad to see a personal finance/fashion blogger who doesn’t believe it is a sin to spend money.

  • Anne

    When searching online for “minimalist wardrobe” or something similar, the results are always grey-black-white, skinny jeans, booties, shirts and cardigans. It is a challenge to find colour or pattern (other than the breton stripe) in the minimalist sphere… Love your blog because you’re successfully combining minimalist thinking and beautiful clothes.

  • Alexis

    Loved this post, despite the fact that I am actively trying to get closer to a uniform/signature-style type of living. But then, I don’t think that curating outfits is as much of a hobby for me as it is for you. I like to pare it down and get to the core of my style.

  • Leigh

    I’ve tried this! It is so darn boring. Instead, I try to pick out my outfits in advance to save the time in the morning. I may or may not wear a striped shirt and jeans for a lot of the fall/winter though they are differently colored stripes every day…

  • raluca

    But imagine, if only you weren’t on Instagram, we would have reached Mars already! There would be no more wars! Why woudn’t you want that? So selfish! 🙂

    Oh man, people really are funny sometimes. What each of us decides to do with our short(ish) lives is up to that person. There is enough ugliness in the world, why wouldn’t we allow ourselves to see beauty and feel better by being nicely clothed. There are enough wars already, we shouldn’t start one in the closet as well.

    That being said, I’m totally a uniform kind of person (jeans and TShirts), because I am lazy. I don’t want to spend time thinking about clothes, I don’t want to have to do 2 washing cicles for normal clothes and “special care” clothes. I most definitely do not want to have to run to the drycleaners every week. It’s not the money, it’s not minimalism, it’s pure and unadulterated lazyness. One of the perks of becoming older is the fact that I can, after mature consideration, decide to reduce my wardrobe to a minimum and wear the same thing over and over again, and nobody is allowed to comment on that, because it would be rude. Take that adulthood!

  • Sense

    You do you! I love your outfits and style posts, even though I am fashion-challenged myself.

    Everyone has a hobby or a vice or something they enjoy. I don’t see how anyone could possibly judge you or tell you how to spend your money or time!! Even less so because–from what I can tell–you are very happy with your spending and saving and how you are spending your time and energy. If you weren’t happy or if you seemed unbalanced, MAYBE they’d have a reason to point it out as a cause of the unhappiness. But–you are. So it shouldn’t be an issue to comment on. END OF STORY.

    Shush, you haterz.

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