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The Platonic Closet: My favourite Tank Tops in my Closet

I really couldn’t just choose ONE tank top could I?

Special mention:

All Saints Stam Tanks because I own no less than 4 (all the colours, really) and they are great base tank tops for outfits, but I can’t call them “favourites” in the sense that they are any kind of showpiece in my wardrobe because they’re not. I use them to layer, to preserve modesty in lowercut items and in general, when I want to showcase a cardigan or something else other than a top.



(Sold out like hotcakes, but a sort of similar version can be found here, this one is quite close and I particularly love this belted version with a shirtcuff belt here.)

I love stripes, and pinstripes hold a special place in my heart for sure. Then add the fact that it’s belted, and I am SOLD.

I wear this under blazers a lot because I love the feminine + masculine mix, and I love playing up the belt on this because it makes my waist look tiny.

It makes me feel so feminine and pretty but yet it is SO comfortable as it is a cotton bustier.

(Similar wool blazer here, here and here and these are the exact jeans here, here and here.)



(Discontinued. I can’t even find similar tanks.)

This is the oldest top in my wardrobe, purchased back when I first started college and it has stayed with me ever since because the print is SO COOL.

It’s of a vintage scarf, and it is stripes and dots (my favourite) but in an abstract, haphazard way, rather than being very neat and geometric.

I wear it with similar necklaces to pick up the theme:

Or under a leather jacket with some jeans, slightly tucked in:

(Leather jacket similar here, here and here. It was actually one-of-a-kind, custom made for me ..)

And my favourite way so far, is tucked into a vintage black wrap skirt!

(Gold necklace similar here, here and here .. Black wrap skirt is vintage, similar here, here and here. Undershirt is a bralette here.)


(T-shirt version here, their tank seems to be sold out. I’d suggest sizing DOWN. It came quite large.)

I bought this tank top on a whim, and partly because the little prince made me think of my own little prince, Baby Bun… (cue sappy sighs here)…

Anyway, I really liked the book, and it’s a classic French one, which my partner says is all philosophy and less “kiddy” than we imagine and it would take years to really analyze, study and break down what the book means underneath its simple sentences…

Leave it to a Frenchman to make a fun child’s book all deadly serious & tied back to philosophy eh??

It also lends a nice graphic air to things without being too on the nose.

(Distressed jeans similar here, here and here. Bracelets similar here, here, here and this version is super pricey but OMG beautiful, with a knotted belt actual Etsy shop here. Linen blazer similar here, here and here.)


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