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Why I blog

This is a really good question because as you may or may not know, I started off blogging maybe around 2008. I’ve been doing this for almost 9 years now but took a super short (like one month) hiatus in between (sold off my two blogs Fabulously Broke in the City & The Everyday Minimalist… holla!).

My original goal was to talk about getting out of $60,000 of debt (which I did in 18 months, thankyouverymuch), and then growing my net worth (which I am totally doing but also enjoying my money in the meantime).

Even today, my sort of loose goal with the blog is to empower people to MAKE MORE MONEY be it by salary negotiations or investing… then SPEND IT WISELY and SAVE THE REST. That’s pretty much it.

I stopped because I wanted to start a small family, I was thinking maybe 4 kids, but at least 2 (HAH look at that.. “best laid plans” and all that nonsense because now I only want one and I did stress about having an only child).

Anyway, I thought I would have no time to blog AND work AND have a family, and I was partly right on all counts.

After having a child, I definitely did not have time. I mean, when he was younger, I was just so enamoured with him. I videotaped as much as I could of his life, I took a bajillion photos (still taking them), I made collages of him growing,.. I am talking full on creeper obsessed with my baby. (Still am).

And yet, I had lots of time. I was off with him all day and there was only so much I could do to get him to have tummy time, to learn how to crawl, sit up on his own, walk… this stuff gets really boring. My brain was churning, and then I just fell back into blogging again.

I chose a new name that was more generic and more reflective of who I am today and what I want to represent now, and I came back.

I was nervous about blogging as much as I did before, but all of this is to say that I blog because I can’t help myself.

I enjoy writing. I LOVE ranting, but most of all, I love the community of readers and other bloggers, I love reading your comments, learning new things, opening my horizons, being challenged on all fronts, and hopefully, writing real stories about my REAL life and inspiring (I hope) others to do similar changes.

Even if one person reads the blog, and ends up negotiating for a salary increase that they otherwise would not have even considered doing before, I would be a thousand percent happy.

Or if one person happens to come across my blog and sees me review some obscure, super expensive item that they were thinking about spending money on but couldn’t figure out if it was worth it or not, I’d be pretty thrilled too.

I do this often, googling what I want to buy to read reviews and that’s something I want to add more of as random posts here and there. I’ve realized that reviews on a site are fine, but actual real-life photos, measurements against a real body, help on how to choose the colour, the size, all of this is major because we are all now shopping online a lot more and reviews help immensely especially if you buy secondhand like I do.

I just really love sharing and receiving knowledge about STUFF. All kinds of stuff that interests me and it’s a pretty wide range from style to money to living a more conscious life talk. You know stuff that may be a little offbeat seeing as talking about being vegetarian or vegan, or dabbling in it is really not something that is (yet) widely accepted for instance.

(Dragon Rolls @ Aux Vivres. LOOK INTO IT. SO GOOD.)

And that’s kind of why I blog. I’m too rambly for my own good.


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