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Instagram Scrolling: What I saw on my feed this week

Might make this a fun feature. Tell me if you want to see more or not.

This is basically what I am thinking as I am scrolling through my Instagram, short and sweet.

(This is my life when I want a break. Honestly. Instagram scrolling. I’m pathetic.)

“I am so allergic, but I want to cuddle all of these puppies”

They are SO CUTE. Little furballs of cuteness. Too bad I’m seriously allergic and I would probably die in 5 minutes, but maybe it would be worth it.

“Absolutely love these looks – exactly what I’m feeling these days”

I am basically rocking this look these days. A sharp blazer with ripped jeans, or stripes with ripped jeans, a collared shirt.. this is all preppy + ripped.

I love the juxtaposition between the two styles – masculine and sharp + unkempt and ripped.

“Wish I had a jade necklace now”

I know this is resin, Adina, but I really wanted these huge jade necklaces now, after seeing this post.

Thick, gorgeous ropey jade… (I’m really into stone).

“I should bust out my wrap jacket”

I saw this and had an urge to pull out one of my (many) cosy wrap blazers to cuddle in, then I realized it was 40 degrees outside and kiboshed that idea.

“I need to make a trip back to Toronto. Stat.”

…and obviously go to TAP’s house and eat chicken wings with yuzu sauce. HOW GOOD DOES THIS LOOK? OMFG. I wanted to eat the screen.

“This belt needs to be in my wardrobe or I need to DIY this”

I love the wrap on this belt, over these large culottes (or is it a great vintage high-waisted cotton skirt?).

I am staring at the detail and it looks like the belt is MADE to be looped through like this, and it is not a regular men’s belt that she looped.

But it could be. I need to snag my partner’s belt today and try to recreate this look.

Update: Nope. Couldn’t recreate this perfection. Did a little sleuthing — KNEW IT! KNEW IT! This is an Isabel Marant belt for $120 USD. I’m going to be buying it. It is too fabulous. And it also comes in black,

Done. Bought it. I couldn’t resist. This will definitely be added to almost every outfit, just like my other belts…


This is exactly why I take less days off than my partner. My partner stays home more than I do with Little Bun, and frankly, that is FAIR to both of us.

“Exactly why I don’t want to buy a jumpsuit or a romper”

I am tempted AF to buy this jumpsuit because it looks SO SLEEK and elegant, but then I imagine myself in the bathroom like this, pretty much naked and I’m like: NOPE. Not worth the trouble.

“This is too cute. LOL”

I don’t drink but this is really cute. Love pug shots.

“Umm.. what happened to her groceries?”

I liked the sleek 80s styling (this is something my mother wore in old photos, truth be told), but then all I could think was: What happened to her groceries!? Pick them fruits up, girl!


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