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Wardrobe Holes in my Closet: What I am currently coveting & on the hunt for


I am always looking out for these wardrobe holes / staples and until I find THE PERFECT item, I am not pulling the trigger. I need to mentally slap my hand each time I try on things and think:

Oh it’s ALMOST perfect, let’s buy it!


It needs to be PERFECT and I need to hold my money spent up to a higher standard.

That said, I am always shopping. I go into every shop, I touch everything, I buy a lot less these days without a contract or income coming in, and I just make mental notes.

Here’s my current list on rotation:


Still looking for them.

I keep coming back to this Rag & Bone version, but can’t justify the price. I need to find these used.

High-rise, thick white skinny jeans


I had my eye on these white AG Farrah jeans because I absolutely LIVE in my AG Farrah dark rinse jeans (they feel like sweatpants to me) but a review said it was too thin and see-through. Boo.

See, I have a pair of ivory cords I like because of the zipper detail but they’re mid-rise which means they keep sliding down on my body, and I have a pair of high-rise “jeans” as well but I find the material is not super soft and pajama-like which is why I don’t reach for them as often.

I’m planning on turning those pants into distressed / ripped jeans over time (they have become ‘playground-only jeans’, for when I don’t care what happens to them).

High-rise, surplus army green cargo pants

I really want a pair of the perfect army green cargo skinny pants.

I don’t necessarily need pockets that are huge all over the leg, but I want the look of a few pockets on the thighs, the material doesn’t need to be super thick or soft but I’d prefer it, and I need them to be high-rise to be comfortable.

Light grey skinny jeans

I have charcoal grey and sometimes I find that I want dove grey or some concrete-coloured pair of pants to go with the outfit that white would be too pristine for.

This it not a high priority item and will likely be a thrifted piece.

Camel coloured blazer in wool or cashmere

(The perfect blazer in camel. *sob* Not my size.)

I thought I found it in The Row, but the size was all off (their US 6 fit like a US 4, I’d need a US 8 or 10 for my shoulders), and I would buy it again in a heartbeat if there was a larger size, but for now, I am still hunting for the perfect caramel honey camel colour for my skintone only in 100% wool or cashmere that is super soft & not itchy at all.

I’d LOVE to find this blazer at a thrift store in camelhair, that’d be the ultimate. I found a thrifted vintage 100% camelhair pencil skirt for $5 and it is as soft as a bunny.


I don’t know why, but I really like formalwear and formal details in shirts. This tuxedo shirt looks like perfection and not too sheer but the pricetag is prohibitive.

One of my favourite tops is a pseudo-tuxedo style top, so it stands to reason I am also drawn to its actual long-sleeved version for women.

It needs to fit in the shoulders, be slim for my body, and not look stupid. I’d wear it with rolled up sleeves and cuffed distressed jeans.



I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS on the hunt for a good shirtdress. I’m super picky too. This version above is nice potential, but I need to wear it to know if it’ll work on me.

I need it to have straight shoulders (not sloping, halter-style cuts), to de-emphasize my shoulders, the length has to be to the knee or longer (I can get it hemmed), the belt has to be substantial, the material has to be thick and smooth (no chambray for me please), and it has to be perfect in its blue and white pinstripe.

I want it to hang straight if possible.


This is not a priority but I really want a bankers shirt with white cuffs and a white collar. I can see this being cuffed again (obviously) and it would be perfect! Tucked into skirts, worn with jeans… a nice staple.

The closest I found so far is this one but it is first of all too expensive (4-figure expensive), and is too trendy.


This would be pricey for REAL shearling but I want it anyway.

This Burberry version is divine but I would want it in a darker brown instead, and a touch longer so my back is not exposed.



I love my nylon version and I upgraded to the Neo Pliage from my regular Pliage after it was stolen twice, but a navy leather one would be so supple and gorgeous, if only it came over the shoulder though!

One day, if they ever make it.

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