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Thinking that I might just make this a Wednesday feature. I need a sort of impromptu, unscheduled post to randomly write about things.

What do we think?


If you’re American, watch it. You’ll cry, I bet.

Gorgeous voice.

My only MINOR pet peeve is when singers try to change it up at the end.

Why can’t we just sing the notes, and power through them? This wobbling back and forth with different notes ruins the ending for me.

I was hoping and waiting for a strong one-note finish and instead I got led off the path musically.


Aren’t we all?

Then I go and read this post about how to set your kid up for success and I think of these things:

1. Rich privilege

If you aren’t in poverty, you have time, energy and money to do everything they’re suggesting from helping them study math to spending time with them.

It really keeps the poor where they are. Single mothers working minimum wage jobs don’t have time for all that.

2. I love that Working Mothers play a good role

Working mothers are good role models. It forces children to be more independent and shows that women are equal providers.

3. But why are we emphasizing ‘mothering’?

“the number of hours that moms spend with kids between ages 3 and 11 does little to predict the child’s behavior, well-being, or achievement. ”

What about dads? WTF?


To be honest, I don’t know what I want. I know probably not too many silver studs or buckles as it will look too young and dated in the future, so something with gunmetal would be ideal if any at all.

Nothing heavy.

Nothing too short or too high, but the perfect mid-calf slouchy height.

I am really liking the look of these ones and these ones, but I don’t know how they’ll fit on my feet, if they are comfortable, and the price tag makes me O_o.

These ones however are similar in style and look, but half the price, but may not be slouchy enough.


I also like this pair because I think it is subtle enough, slouchy enough, etc.. but cannot pay that kind of money for a pair of boots that I consider trendy and not classic.

Yet I don’t want to pay too little and buy a sweatshop pair.


I tried on all these versions of Fryes, like this pair with shearling, this pair with triple buckles, and this pair that I thought was maybe a tad too studded.

The ones I didn’t like were this pair, with the heel being ridiculously clunky and heavy. I know they’re meant to last, but DAMN my calves were getting ripped just prancing* around the store.

(*Baby Bun and I were playing this new game I invented while shopping called: Chase Mommy around the shoe racks so Mommy can feel them in action & shop peacefully)

To sum it up, I do not know what I want. I want a pair, but I can’t figure out what I want. When I do, I will let you know.

All I know is: Black. Casual. Rugged. Slouchy. Mid-Calf. Unpolished. Secondhand??

That’s it.


Partly sparked by reading this post: Big Spenders, and partly by my landlord.

When I rent, I am renting with the expectation that YOU TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING.

You don’t just sit back, cash the cheque 12 months of the year, and do JACK SQUAT in maintenance, help or anything for that money.

I mean, what I am paying is not chump change. I am paying for the location of course, the apartment itself, and so on… but I could just as easily rent elsewhere if I was really pushed.

This landlord cashes my cheques, expects to do zero to the place to fix it, and then has the effin’ nerve to complain and bitch about having to fix them.


I’m seriously annoyed.

We’ve done the math and it only works out in our favour if we:

  • Pay in cash
  • Do not carry a mortgage
  • Buy something reasonably priced in this housing market (this is where that Big Spenders article comes in)
  • Downgrade (go from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom)

It also means I need to put an end to fun to stump up all the dough needed to pay this place in cash.

I am LOATHE to sell any stocks or investments in this downturn. I am just itching for oil to rise.


I have been casually following the news regarding this, and I did not really care either way — exit, don’t exit — in the sense that they’re all voting citizens and should have known what they were getting into, the way I did when I voted in my own election.

The fact that people are starting to have voting regret and REMORSE over having voted to Leave because they didn’t realize the consequences of their vote … makes me… so conflicted. I feel pity, anger and annoyance, mostly.

(Note: Said anger was also deriving from the stock markets plunging around the world in response but I refuse to sell over a blip.)

That’s all for now.


  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    The only thing I can attribute to the Brexit Leave regret is how wildly it appears the Leave leaders were lying. I mean, there were some BOLD lies. And I see the same happening here – lots of voters who feel disenfranchised and want to hear a specific message are only listening to the lies they like. I don’t know what to do for them.

  • Corianne

    God, the Brexit voter regret thing! Sigh… the information was out there, but if you only read the *&##@)!! Daily Mail……. what do you expect!!!!

    I pass by the European Commission headquarters every day on my way to work. So many press vans with satellites, camera people, journalists… even spotted Nigel Farage talking to the BBC…

    The truth is, in the UK even political leaders like Prime Minister and the main parties (except maybe for the Liberal Democrats, but they’ve managed to become entirely invisible it seems ever since they became part of a coalition government with the Tories…) have been negative, sometimes even extremely negative, about the EU. Great quote by Commission President Juncker in the Financial Times: “But that claim was bluntly contested by Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president. “My impression is that if you over years, if not decades, tell citizens that something is wrong with the EU, that the EU is too technocratic, too bureaucratic, you cannot be taken by surprise if voters believe you.””

    I sincerely hope the other right-wing parties aren’t too bolstered by this – several have been calling for similar referenda. Luckily, many other countries have true multiple party systems instead of the UK system. I also really hope this doesn’t dump the EU (+ UK) back into recession. Simply put, it’s chaos, and I’m curious what comes out of it.

    Know several British people living abroad who are thinking of/have already applied for the respective nationality of the country where they’re living… (remember, apparently after a certain time after you moved abroad, you can no longer vote in the general elections or a referendum like this as British national!)

  • Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    I understand you don’t want a mortgage, which is totally valid, but am curious why you believe buying a place only “works in your favor” numbers wise if you pay cash.

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