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Fashion Help: How to dress stylishly after you’ve had a baby

Reader Lindsay asked me to please give her ideas about how I dressed after I gave birth to Baby Bun, getting used to my new body and how I avoided wearing cardigans, leggings and sneakers (the ubiquitous momiform, along with yoga pants and fleece jackets it seems)..

(Extra ‘momiform’ points for those white thick sneakers that make your feet look like they’re potted.)

That’s not to say every mother who doesn’t dress like I do is terribly dressed or unfashionable (who cares, you’ve had a human pop out of you!), but I am the kind of person who does not wear sweatpants outside of the house, flip flops unless I’m at the beach, nor exercise wear unless I am actually exercising. I never wore that standard college student uniform of hoodies and sweatpants all day every day. I just couldn’t.

I’ve been asked my whole life: Why are you so dressed up?, so you can imagine that after having a child, I sort of still have that ‘I don’t dress like that’ mentality that I can’t get rid of.

With that disclaimer, if you are anything like me, read on….


Stuff that holds well, is easy to wash and feels comfortable: cotton, jersey knits and more cotton.


I love blazers. I have always worn them even over jeans and I wasn’t about to change. I just made sure that instead of a very sharp, conservative-cut blazer, I picked blazers in other fabrics like a luxurious cashmere, wool (but a thick soft kind), flannel, or.. yes you guessed it, JERSEY.

I also started wearing a lot more of my leather jackets and moto jackets as a more casual option so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a blazer, but I feel like I am.


Love blazers? Me too. Wear that in a jersey knit. Easy to toss in the wash. If that feels too corporate, then try a moto jersey jacket.

Love skinny jeans? Me too. Wear that in a larger size for what fits for you NOW (you will eventually get back into your old stuff, and even if you don’t, you can always buy a bigger size). Try maternity pairs with a comfort panel for the stomach.

Love dresses? Me too. Look for jersey knits in a midi-length so you can bend over and ben down.

I suggest jersey wrap dresses as the most comfortable option, you can adjust the tightness, and they feel comfortable.

If you were a sheath-wearing kind of woman before, try a body-conscious dress in jersey, but I know they aren’t for everyone. I know not a lot of women like these because of the pooch in front post-baby, or it just feels too tight and revealing, but if you don’t have that kind of hangup and don’t care (like yours truly), they are comfortable, you can move very easily at the park, and they feel like yoga pants and shirts but look way better.

Midi or maxi dresses in a flowy jersey fabric are also fantastic. They are comfortable, soft, easy to move in, and not ugly in the slightest.

Enough chatter, how about some examples?


Left: Grey jersey wrap cardigan which is actually a maternity piece! It also comes in a t-shirt version.

Dark rinse high-rise jeans (I love these ones because they are THE MOST comfortable I’ve ever worn)

My favourite knee-high brown boots that will wear beautifully, takes a beating and keeps on ticking, and is a classic for life.

Right: Jersey moto jacket (other similar pieces here and here)

Green wrap top (unavailable, but I found a way cuter option that is maternity as well, here, and I’d wear it now even not being on maternity!)

Dark rinse high-rise jeans (again, my favourite pair)

Ballet flats (I’d recommend these without a doubt because they are amazingly well made)

Season Changeover:

  • Wear a thinner jersey top rather than a thicker one
  • Wear it with and without a topper
  • Wear a great chunky sweater instead of a wrap top (harder to breastfeed though but you can just lift up the bottom and latch

Why it works:

It’s simple, it’s comfortable, and if you get pants that are maternity jeans (in a larger size so they’re comfortable), or a pair of high-rise jeans that are comfortable. I take a size larger than my normal size and then have it tailored in a bit as it gets too big; what I want it to fit, are my thighs because I hate sausage-encased legs.

The tops are also wrap tops so you can just pull down the neck easily and nurse. They also look great and stylish.

The jacket is a jersey (easy to wash) knit in a moto style. It makes it feel like a blazer is being worn, but it isn’t a blazer.


Left to right: Jersey blazer (lots of options in black, grey, and even in burgundy but in another shawl lapel cut instead)

Jersey wrap dress (comes in so many options, like in this navy blue plus-size, a nice taupe and white print in plus-size,  or a shorter-sleeved burgundy version)

Midi dress (more options here in a nice cerulean blue and a looser fit, and I love this turtleneck bodycon version here)

Maxi dress (unavailable, but more here, here in a gorgeous coral and this olive green cowl neck option is killer)

The tights are of course by my favourite brand Wolford opaque tights and this is a great fleece maternity option from Plush which I wore to death

The footwear are my ubiquitous dark brown boots, my beloved Rag & Bone moto boots and the M. Gemi ballet flat which is amazing)…

Season Changeover:

  • With or without a topper (jersey blazer, jersey moto, faux suede even, as it’s definitely washable)
  • Wear thick fleece tights underneath dresses or not
  • Wear knee-high or shorter boots; I put in my favourite short boots because I’d wear them under that maxi dress with tights, or the midi dress with tights.

Why it works:

It is COMFORTABLE. You can just pull down the neckline or the side of the dress (pop out a boob) and nurse.

You are also warm with tights or with boots, and the blazer in jersey makes you feel like you’re still put together. Slap a blazer on anything and it makes you feel fantastic.

As for the midi dress, you can decide to go really body-conscious and tight, or you can choose something that is 2 sizes larger so it is loose and comfortable. Up to you. I have worn and loved both styles.


Left to right: The white button-up shirt is still comfortable especially in a very soft cotton or linen, the blue one no longer is available, but I found it in a sleeveless pinstripe.

The blue printed tunic is pretty, but there are other ones I like too like this one in white and this one which is a pretty tie-dyed one.

The very light one at the end is an Isabel Marant and I like these other ones too, here in a nice wrapped white, and here in a pretty coral.

For the wrap skirts, I like a midi wrap skirt, but as long as it shows a little knee if possible so it doesn’t look so long and odd. This one is the black one, the grey one is unavailable but this one is similar, the black one with a belt exact here and the green one which also comes in a stunning burgundy red.

Footwear? Same as above. Pop on some tights, and wear anything you’d like.

The tights are of course by my favourite brand Wolford opaque tights and this is a great fleece maternity option from Plush which I wore to death

The footwear are my ubiquitous dark brown boots, my beloved Rag & Bone moto boots and the M. Gemi ballet flat which is amazing)…

Season Changeover:

Why it works:

Layers. Lots of layers. Tunics to cover your bum, or tuck into the skirts, and the wrap skirt is cute, but not restrictive (like a pencil skirt), and you can bend down and run around in it, while still looking and feeling cute.

It also looks casual enough for playgroups, especially if you paired them with an amazing pair of moto boots for some edge.


You can see all of my looks on Instagram, or sort through them through this page (and click on the filters).

I have since lost the baby weight for the most part, my hips are slightly larger and my shoulders are also slightly larger, but I love to wear the same things as I did before.

I even wear leather leggings now (REALLY!)…and I have been way more adventurous.

Here are a few of my favourite Mommy outfits:



  • Karin

    This post was amazing. Thank you! It was just the push I needed to ditch my black leggings and buy some jeans and tops in my post-pregnancy size. Hopefully I’ll drop the weight soon but in the meantime I can look and feel more like my old self!

    I really appreciate all the work you put into your posts. Thanks again.

  • Tania

    I didn’t have to be a mom to appreciate this post! Great ideas for those of us with curves (getting a tailored look with soft fabrics) or with a little weight gain. Also helpful ideas if you work in a business casual environment but still want to look like you made an effort while feeling effortless. I also liked the advice about converting to cold weather, it’s very helpful for me with my travels to Washington and Oregon. I always feel like I need to wear only pants but I get tired of just pants. I did notice how the locals dressed the last time I was there and vowed to wear some jersey dresses with fleece lined tights or leggings on my next trip.

  • Life we learn

    Nice post! I’ve definitely lost my style since having a baby 2 months ago so I’m currently trying to add some nice pieces to my wardrobe…especially a pair of skinny jeans. I can’t wait for the day that I lose the baby weight and some of my old clothes start to fit again.

  • Lindsay

    Holy. Crap. Wow! I hope that was as fun for you to do as it was for me to read! Guess I’m going shopping at Wolf Cub’s next nap.

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