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10 Fashion Must-Haves in my Closet that… I don’t have!

Inspired by Luxe Strategist (one of my favourite blogs to read that ALSO combines money + fashion although she is farrrr more frugal than I am) who listed the 10 Must-Have Fashion Items she won’t buy and why, I thought I’d do one of my own too!

1. A little black dress

Everyone since the time of Chanel has been waxing poetic about the Little Black Dress or the LBD.

Frankly, I own black pieces (some items don’t look good unless they ARE black), but do not own a black dress.


I just don’t like the colour for a dress. I’d rather wear grey, navy, any colour really, other than BLACK in a dress.

I feel like black brings down my mood. I wear a black dress (sexy or not) and I don’t feel alluring or mysterious. I feel sad.

I think: why isn’t this dress fun? Like in a bright dandelion yellow or a fire engine red?

That’s not to say again, that I don’t have any black clothing but I just generally don’t reach for it unless I’m in the mood, like a black pencil skirt with a tucked in silk blouse for instance.

Of course, then I see photos like this and swoon, swearing that I need a black dress ASAP.

2. Slip-on Sneakers

I am not into athleisure.

I’m really more of the slightly dressed up kind of woman, and my idea of “dressing down” is if I have a tee with jeans and some flats on.

This is about as dressed down as it gets even to run to a grocery store:

I don’t own slip on sneakers because I may as well slip on a pair of loafers or pointed ballet flats. Same amount of effort and it gives me the same ease to be able to kick it on and off.

If I find a pair of slip on sneakers that look cool that I could and want to actually want to wear with things like pencil skirts or dresses, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I do however, have these sneakers I bought and on occasion, bust out when I want to dip my toe into something more casual and less polished.

3. Black Trousers

Again! I don’t love black.

Whenever I reach for a pair of black jeans I instinctively want to pair it with white or black. Or something neutral like a burgundy, olive or a striped shirt.

I can’t break out of black having to go with black, and this applies to black trousers.

For me, navy pants or heather grey pants go with far more colours and looks than something as harsh as black.

4. Leopard printed accessories

Every time I get close enough to buy a pair of leopard printed heels, I balk.

I don’t know what it is, but the look of animal prints in shoes and accessories conjures up the image of desperation. Like I’m a hunted animal or something.

I’m very close to pulling the trigger on a pair of leopard printed heels, but frankly, what would I wear them with? I would prefer a print that is more abstract or a stripe over an animal-inspired one.

5. Flared jeans

Nope. I hopped on the skinny jean bandwagon years ago and never looked back.

I will however go for a wide-legged trouser or something similar but flared jeans or trouser jeans now evoke to me the feeling of the 60s, 80s or the 90s which are all decades I’m not partial to.

6. Slip dresses / summer dresses

They don’t look good on my frame. My shoulders are too big and these little dainty straps or strings are too delicate against broad shoulders. I look really disproportionate.

Too bad though, I LOVE a good looking dainty sort of dress but alas…

7. Jean jacket

It has been years and every time I see someone wear one, I think: oh that looks so good on them!

Then I go on a hunt for one, try on a bajillion and buy exactly ZERO because for some reason while I love jeans, I do not love jean jackets as part of my style.

It feels too casual somehow. And if I wore it with jeans, it feels like a faux pas. So really, I can only pair it with formal items like a pencil skirt or a ball gown tulle skirt, but … that’s about it. How else and where else would I wear it?

I’d reach for a leather jacket over all of my outfit options over a jean jacket which is why one has never made it in my wardrobe to date.

8. Jean Button Up/Chambray shirt

Again. I see it on people, I love it paired with a formal skirt but then I go to buy one and it falls flat in the dressing room for me.

I feel like I look like a cowgirl or something when that could not be farther from the truth.

9. Classic quilted black purse

Preferably the classic black Chanel 2.55 in Caviar leather of course.

It really doesn’t fit my lifestyle.

I’d rather carry a tote from a book store or an independently made leather purse than a Chanel purse but if I got one for a good price (or FREE), I wouldn’t say “No” either….

I don’t really get or like the classic chain strap (doesn’t it hurt?) and it feels and looks too ladylike for me. A little too dainty.

10. Black leather jacket

I find my dark grey one far more versatile than black. It is a softer, muted dark shade that goes with everything… EVEN BLACK!

So why black? Black seems so one-note for me — paired with neutrals or with very specific colours and shades, or simply black black black & more black.


  • The Luxe Strategist

    I told my husband that black wasn’t his color and he was shocked. It doesn’t look good on everyone! Thanks for the shout-out. And I’m smiling at myself for being called frugal–I AM super frugal!

  • Jess

    I have similar views to you about black clothing! I feel very serious and formal when I wear black, and it doesn’t look good on me, especially on top. I much prefer navy blue or olive as a dark color in my wardrobe instead. The only black items that work for me are more casual items, like skinny jeans or a very loose and swingy black blazer.

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