Save. Spend. Splurge.

In what way is this stuff (style and fashion) important if at all?

It is important because it brings me joy to look nice.

It changes my mood, makes me feel better if I look better and am polished, and it says a lot about my mood and who I am.

Just a slash of red lipstick totally changes the way I act than if I didn’t have any on at all.

Hair that I have slept on, but has been tied up in a bun throughout the night and then released in the morning for bouncy, wavy gorgeous curls, makes me feel so pretty and carefree.

Lanky, oily, dirty gross Mommy hair gives me the opposite feeling.

Wearing heels, gives me a boost of confidence (which is why I always wear them for presentations).


(My favourite pair of heels)

Flats make me feel grounded and casual, unless they’re pointed, then I feel like I am comfortably dressed up.

Dressing in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a cardigan, makes my attitude all relaxed and casual.

I am way more laid back than in heels and a dress. I slouch more.

It also really matters because people treat me COMPLETELY differently whether I am dressed up or not. I’d rather err on the side of being more dressed up and being teased for it, than slobby and feeling like crap about myself.

I also like trying out different personas based on my outfit.

The day that I wore this outfit of black and white, I was channeling Bollywood and I felt a little shinier, glitzier than normal.


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