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What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

It depends on my mood for that day and what I am doing in the way I am dressing.

Overall, I’d say the best way to describe my goal would be:

Model Off Duty

They’re so beautiful even without makeup AND THEY KNOW IT that they don’t even need to try too hard (but it takes a lot of effort to look so effortless).


They wear minimal makeup, stylish items that don’t scream or announce themselves, and look fantastic but also comfortable in their own skin.

(oOr at least appear to be. Models are some of the most insecure women on earth, ironically enough.)

Lots of leather, layers, skinny jeans or pants, boots.. that’s me for cooler weather.

For the summer, they wear the same thing but with t-shirts and maybe sundresses thrown in with belts.

I aim for this feeling.

Then if it’s for work, I aim for other words like Confident Badass.

Or for the playground, it’s Sarcastic Mommy but à la Victoria Beckham’s style, of course!



The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey


  • The Luxe Strategist

    In my Insta profile, it says ‘luxurious tomboy’, so yeah, THAT. I like clothes that belie their plainness and are actually really well-designed and high quality. I dislike anything that’s obviously branded in any way or meant to be an obvious display of wealth. Subtle luxury is where it’s at! Sounds counterintuitive to how to keep up with the Joneses, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Laurie

    Yes! I like all of these!

  • Anne

    Because it is dark and cold most of the year in my home country – and also because I work on a very conservative branch where people mostly wear black or grey – my main goal is to not feel depressed by my clothes, but still be professional and credible. The best way for me to achieve this is to wear colour.

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