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Review: Eyelash lengthening serums (EyEnvy, Peter Thomas Roth, etc)

Lately, the rage has been eyelash lengthening serums in stores. Maybe I only just started noticing this stuff because I’ve been using it, having been tipped off by Adina about this stuff that works, but.. MAN…

IT IS WORTH IT (at the end. With one disclaimer).

Here is my review of the EyEnvy, but for actual photos (no joke), check out Adina‘s post.

Long story short?



Yes it took about 4-6 weeks (ish), of daily use (not including that week where I basically irritated my eyes so much by putting on too much serum that I looked like a vampire).

They really are longer. I see a few millimeters of difference and once I saw them grow to my desired length, I have been cutting back to twice a week as stated on the tube.

I didn’t want this though, I don’t like it when it is wayyy too fake:

I was aiming for this, “normal” length eyelashes that don’t look too fake that I could never have achieved without this serum in a billion years:


I am talking from idiotic experience. BE CAREFUL.

This is the week where I put on way too much then made it worse with Visine for Red Eyes.

When you put on this serum, it has to be SO DRY that it looks like just a tiny, half-dried swipe of a tiny, TINY TINY BIT. MORE IS NOT BETTER.


It only needs a tiny bit, and it seeps into the roots of your eyelashes, and they DO grow longer/more lashes grow in between as well.

On my eyebrows, I just went crazy, because it wasn’t near my eyebrow.


I’m impatient.

I wanted results immediately.

I only saw them starting in week 4, and even my manager noticed them, saying my eyes were like a doe’s (like Bambi)… LOL

All I could think was: I have “normal” eyelashes now. The NORMAL length to be able to curl them and not rip them out of my eyelids from over curling (you know, how you try to get to the root of the lashes to get as much length as possible)?


I have been dutifully brushing a full wand worth (I don’t remove the serum against the sides, I do a FULL dip with the wand) across my sparse, sad, eyebrows, and they now look better. Much thicker, fuller, not like Cara Delevigne or Brook Shield’s both of whom have caterpillar eyebrows, but better than before, for sure.


Even with using it on my brows, the bottle is still half full. I suspect I will not run out until spring or so?


The one I use is EyEnvy, and the other serums all cost about $100 CAD.

You can buy EyEnvy at the beauty bar Ten Spot in Canada (they also sell the amazing matte unscented sunscreen by Coola which I am going to buy AFTER I use up what I have).


I have not tried the other ones I saw on Amazon that look cheaper, because I don’t know if they would work, or are the same things or not.

…but I have seen in Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix some brand that does eyelash serums for around $100, and in stores I saw Peter Thomas Roth has a version out as well.


Buy ANY mascara instead from this brand Essence. It is PHENOMENAL for only $5.

I took the Essence Mascara Lash Princess (shown SOLD OUT below), and I love it.

One coat, and you’re a believer.


  • Stef

    Product does not work , I waited 3 months . I wore it everyday as it says . There may be one or 2 lashes on each eye which are long but otherwise no thickness or length at all . And it’s actually even more sparse than before , and my lashes have always been quite full . Would not recommend . Too expensive aswell .

  • Lisa Martin

    I have been using eyelash conditioners for about4 years now..
    I started with “EyEnvy “ and got remarkable results.
    Over the years I have tried about 6/8 different
    I keep returning to EyEnvy and it is so far ahead of any of the others I have used it’s amazing.
    If you are considering using a eyelash conditioner then there is only on choice..

  • Chloe Krolak

    I have use this product since 2014. Generally it gave me wonderful results which is why I continued to use it. It is not inexpensive so for me to keep buying it the results had to keep coming.

    There was one occurrence in 2017 that left me with very sparse lashes, I reached out to Eyenvy to let them know and to ask if there was something wrong with that batch. I never got a reply but I just kept using the product as I still had a bottle left. Eventually the lashes came back (2 months later) and it was fine. I was too busy to follow up with them and ask for any compensation but I was happy that my lashes were back.

    Currently the sparseness is worse than ever before in my whole life. Even before I started using this product my lashes were never this sparse or short. I got medical tests done to ensure that there was nothing happening internally to me and causing this. Everything came back fine and also my hair and nails are long and strong so I knew that there was nothing wrong. This started happening about halfway into a bottle in late November of last year. I had two bottles so I just continued using it and I’m on my second bottle. The lashes just keep getting worse. I reached out and got a hold of a representative and sent them photos as well as a detailed explanation with my experience and concerns. She seemed interested to help and asked me a few questions and said she would get back to me. I did make it clear to her that I was concerned that this batch was bad and in turn burning the lashes instead of helping them grow. Sometimes this happens with products. I asked if I should continue using the product or stop as I was really unsure. She again told me that she would call me back.

    That was last week and I have not heard back from her. At this point I give up on the product and I will tell everyone what has happened to me and to be careful. They clearly don’t care about customer satisfaction nor do they care about a possible issue with a batch. I have now switch to lashfood which I have heard amazing things about for results and about their customer satisfaction. I will never buy this product again. it worked for a time and I’m grateful for that, but any company who doesn’t stand behind its product and who ignores the consumer once there’s a concern is definitely a shady company. I wonder how many more women are out there who’ve experienced this but haven’t had the time to write about it. BE CAREFUL!!! Your long lashes won’t last forever! At some point each and every customer will get a bad batch and this will happen to them it’s only a matter of time.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you very much for this word of caution!!!!


      I’ve been using Eyenvy for about a month now. but after reading your review… I am thinking you just may be having a reaction to this product. I say this only because of the eye lash loss and no one else is experiencing this. Now your doctor can give you a prescription to regrow your eyelashes. your medical insurance will cover it. Good luck

  • Anna

    Wow! this is a fabulous effect!

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