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Review: Ayla Beauty Medik8 Acne Beta Gel – Is it a ripoff? Does it work?

So I bought this really expensive Ayla Beauty Medik8 BetaGel for an obscene amount of money and used the entire tube.

Lots of beauty editors recommended this…. or at least, one did.

Ayla-Beauty-Medik8-Beta-Gel-ReviewAyla-Beauty-Medik8-Beta-Gel-Review-back Ayla-Beauty-Medik8-Beta-Gel-Review-Product


It smelled very medical. I mean it had a pretty strong smell to it which I think is part of its appeal of being very medical & therefore effective, I mean even the byline “Skincare Biotechnology” tries to pull that image back in.


The product is kind of watery, it’s clear, and very “medical”.. true to its name. It spreads on pretty thinly, it’s not thick at all.


No. It didn’t fade them at all.


Nope. I used the entire tube and it didn’t do jack.


No. In fact, I used it on areas I knew were acne-prone and I woke up with pimples the next day in those spots.



Yes, it burned my skin slightly which I take it to mean it irritated it.. which is probably why I got a pimple in that spot the next day.


Don’t waste your money. I already did it for you.

What really works is Paula’s Choice and I’ve written out my entire regimen here for your perusal – The Acne Journey and The Acne-Free Regimen.


  • Anne

    Yes Medi8 make Medi8 😊 I’ve just bought my 2nd tube it’s great it lasts a good 6 months as your not supposed to put it all over your face just on the blemish once it’s already started appearing. I can imagine it would dry your skin out terribly if you tried putting it on all over!!

  • dawn thomas

    Go to a Gp ask for Differin gel 0.1% w/w gel by galderma.
    For your adult skin problems.
    Price of a prescription gals.
    Also made in a lab for dermatological conditions prescribed by Doctors in there surgeries. Not clinics or spas

  • Michelle

    This product didn’t work for me either. Like you I also ended up with more blemishes! Bummer, If anyone wants to buy my mostly unused tube from me for a discount let me know!

  • Kirsty

    Love Beta Gel!! Only product I have ever found that has helped everything it says it will. Would definitely recommend and no, nobody paid me.

  • Verinica

    I just read this review and have to disagree. This beta gel was recommended to me by my daughter’s best friend’s mom. Worked wonders for her and she had very bad adult acne. Everyone noticed. So I researched a the ingredients as it’s quite expensive. I have the occasional bad spot but always on important days or nights out 🙁 and nothing really works from the pharmacy. So I gave this Medik8 serum a try and I have to say it is just BRILLIANT. It does sting a bit but for me that lasts 20 seconds and I like the smell. Sort of fresh alpine. I don’t normally do reviews but this gel has saved me so many times. I felt I had to share my experience. Bought it three times and same results every time. I’ve never tried Paula’s choice but I read they are good too. I guess each to their own. Glad that works for you. Even though we disagree, I liked your review page. Easy to read and good pics. Thanks.

  • Mary

    I just saw this when I was about to order a beta gel after going through 2 tubes and wanted to say that it saved my skin & i love it. I hear that it didn’t work for you. But I am not going to buy the product that you get paid to promote instead…

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I’m glad it worked for you, I say stick with it if it worked, but I found it ridiculously expensive for what it was and it didn’t do anything for my skin.

      Please get your facts straight.

      I don’t get paid to promote Paula’s Choice but I do get a $10 credit when you use my referral code (you get $10 too) which is what every Paula’s Choice customer gets if they refer a friend.

      There’s a big difference between being “paid to promote” (a fee for writing about & recommending sponosred items) and a referral fee for recommending something you already spent a lot of money on, continually buy and can actually, honestly recommend (which is this case).

      I continually buy, recommend & love Paula’s Choice. If I can get more people’s skins cleared up for less money than what these other companies (Ayla included) are doing, then I’m going to do so.

      I actually wonder if you work for Ayla with such a recommendation. Would be interesting to find out.

      • Mary

        @save. spend. splurge.: OK we’re all free to have our own opinions. No I don’t work for Ayla. I shop there and I think they’re nice people so I am happy to defend them.

      • TruthHurts

        “I don’t get paid to promote Paula’s Choice but I do get a $10 credit when you use my referral code”

        What an idiot. Basically don’t trust anyone online.


          LOL — Pot calling the kettle black.

          I would promote it even if I didn’t get a $10 credit. You also get $10 off YOUR order too.

          Shut it. This is called being transparent and having a proper disclaimer of the benefits provided. Would you prefer it if I lied?

          You’re obviously from Ayla Beauty hiding as a troll & trying to pretend your overpriced products work for its overpriced, overinflated price tag.

          I am also not the ONLY blogger who talks about Paula’s Choice. Just google for reviews, there are plenty of people who like it and have written about it, as well as readers who do not have blogs who write about it in comments.

          • Confused

            I just stumbled on this post while Googling the product to find reviews. I have no skin in the game here but I did notice a lot of nasty talk about Ayla Beauty….and they just sell the product, it’s not THEIR product. I think they’re basically like a little Sephora for natural-type products. Not sure why they’re getting so much hate….just like, shooting the messenger? I would think, if anyone would come on here and troll, it would be an employee of the product itself (Medik8). Kind of mean-spirited to go after one of numerous stores that stock the product – on that basis, we should also be hating on Amazon. Just saying 🙁

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