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Organization Series: Keeping a Totally Clean and Free Email Inbox

I don’t like emails sitting in my Inbox.


When I receive one, this is one of the 4 ways it can end:

  1. Delete and/or Report as Spam/Phishing
  2. Archive because it’s useful to have, but there’s nothing to do with that email
  3. Reply immediately and then archive it right away
  4. Take a note and/or keep it in my Inbox as a way to remind myself it’s there

That’s it.

The rest of the time, it has an email or two (usually package notifications) that should be on-hand and easy to access.

Once you get used to archiving and clearing out your emails, it becomes easier to keep the habit up, because new emails that pop up will get your immediate attention (and action).

You will get into the habit of taking down the information from the email (date, time, who, where), and putting it in your calendar right away.

It’s better than having your calendar be dictated by a jumble of emails that aren’t even ordered sequentially so you have to scroll through 100 emails to find the ONE email you need to figure out where you need to be.


  • Heather @ Simply Save

    When unsubscribe doesn’t work it’s the worst! I had that happen with Keurig emails. I unsubscribed about 10 times and the emails just kept coming!

  • Corianne

    I try to do this, exactly like this, but I’m not always successful…

  • Heather @ Sinply Save

    I am the same way about having things in my inbox! Another option I use a lot is “unsubscribe” to stop those junk mail emails from coming in!

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