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My 5 Money Book Recommendations for Canadians

These books are not all Canada-specific which is fine, but I think I would have wanted to have had a set of these books by about my pre-teens, because I would have CRUSHED IT money-wise had I known this world existed.

I wrote my own money book and it is the book on money I wish I always had.

Alas, I learned late (right when I started my real career working at 22), and all I can do is pass on wisdom.

I also wrote a book on investing for Canadians:

GIFT these books to preteens you know.

Make them read it.

Pay them to read it and then quiz them on it to see if they got it.

Whatever it is, make sure it gets into their head somehow and maybe it’ll plant a seedling.


1. Your Money or your Life

by Vicki Robin


This is so Fight Club it isn’t funny.

I wish I had this book when I started out learning about my money and personal finances because it makes SO MUCH SENSE. You really do change your spending habits once you read it, and it talks in general about spending, consumerism and consumption even a little about HOW TO do things likeĀ budget and track your expenses.

The basic ideas are:

  • Money saved = Freedom
  • Work Less, Spend Less, Live More
  • Don’t be a money slave to your debts and things
  • If you work less for things you don’t want to buy to show off to people you don’t care about, you’ll be happier

I wouldn’t calculate my life energy being ‘wasted’ on things because I am lazy and don’t want to change, but it would have at least given me pause for thought.

2. Money Rules

by Gail Vaz-Oxlade (a.k.a. GVO)

GVO is the boss. I love her shows, and you can even watch them on like Money Moron and Princess.

If those shows and this book doesn’t turn you around to make a few major changes like….

…then you may need another book and to go on her show. Just kidding.

But really though, this is a great person to follow even on Twitter. GVO tells it like it is.


3. The Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth you should have learned in school

by Andrew Hallam

It is not a hand-holding, step-by-step, how to build a budget and track your expenses kind of book, it has a brief introduction about why you shouldn’t spend so much money and save it instead (lifestyle and mindset change, remember?) and then it dives right into investing.

So read the other two books first, and then dive into this one.

4. Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors

by Mark T. Hebner

The main premise of the book is below:


That basically sums up the book AND tells you exactly why you should just give up active investing, frankly.

Like I said, you need to know about investing and what a stock is before you can dive into this and sink your teeth into it.

5. The Soul of Money

by Lynne Twist

Along the lines of Your Money or your Life, this book talks about money and how it can influence you to behave certain ways.

I really like the book because it goes into what money does for you and your life.

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