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Inspirational Style Instagram Accounts I love to follow

… ummm aside from mine right? 😉


Okay so my shots are not professional (I am working on buying a new, better portable camera come September-ish when Apple releases their new lineup), but I basically do quotes, posts, style & food.

I don’t have a slick, young, Millennial team helping or following me (one woman show, y’all!), but I try…


Just look at the second row, middle shot of her in a strapless top and high-waisted casual pants. #GOALS for sure.

I am absolutely going to rock style as much as she does no matter how old I get. She looks phenomenal and I am stealing all of her outfit ideas for my own!

I am not even saying this just because she’s a fellow Montrealaiase either 😉


I think @bcrladinaj recommended this account to me and although I wouldn’t wear about 25% of her outfits it is giving me a lot of inspiration to try monochrome outfits and larger silhouettes like culottes and wide legged pants. Oh, and the HATS! I’m thinking I need to add more hats to my everyday look.

I do believe she also has 2 kids but it is hard to tell because I have no idea how to read Japanese. I just follow her for the style eye candy.


Long-time favourite. She tends to wear a lot of bohemian dresses which is great on her but not my thing, but her vibe is what I love best. Simple, elegant neutrals.

Her outfits with pants and simple mix and matches are what I really gravitate towards.

I particularly like that she doesn’t always stick to neutrals and branches out into print and colour as well. Not many style bloggers do this and it is frustrating for someone like me who isn’t shy about bold prints or colours.


She is a perennial favourite of mine and the reason I got into a few trends that I now cannot do without like: skinny pants/jeans, leather pants, ripped jeans and looser tops that aren’t form fitting.

I like her vibe and she is very neutral for the most part.

I find some of her choices a bit out there for me sometimes (cropped, frayed jeans?!) which means it isn’t my cup of tea but at least she is daring.


French style — actually, she is far more messy than I’d like (hair, some outfits) but her overall vibe is casual yet approachable.

I don’t love everything she wears but I like the feel of her outfit combinations which sparked a lot of my forays into neutrals upon neutrals.


Just discovered them. I like how in some shots they do a triple look from three different women but with variations in the style.

For instance, army green skinny pants — cuffed and belted in one, another just looser or in various shades in that one photo above… It has a nice range when they do triple shots.

Some of the other ones are too vacation/beach/travel for me. I guess it is part of their Instagram styling strategy.


I love her looks because she wears things I’m slowly dipping a toe into (wide-legged anything) and I find her aesthetic skews a little old (sweater sets, super covered up) but that doesn’t bother me as much because the overall look works for me.

I’m not super covered nor am I very revealing with my outfits because I like a balance in between also taking into account my workplace..

I especially like her outfits where she has a loose billowy top that looks so casual and elegant. Simple looks.

Who do you follow on Instagram?

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