Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: You’ll need a million to retire.

As we all thought – you’ll need about a million to retire comfortably. For me, that is my goal, seeing as my net worth is nearing $1 million at the time of this post, but about 40% of that is in fixed assets – home and car. The rest? It is in liquid assets, but it won’t be enough until I have about $1M saved. Or more. I am actually aiming for $3M….

This Judith Leiber encrusted hamburger clutch is ridiculous and funny, and expensive AF.

For the reader that asked about index funds and the bubble, might want to read Matt Levine’s take on whether index funds are something we should worry about.

These heels need a moment because I love the look of a heeled loafer. It just looks so cool, yet chic… and not at all basic. I’ve decided all and only shoes coming into my wardrobe, have to be interesting and cool, or else it is a waste of my money. You know, like these gorgeous studded sandaled heels.

If you’re used to a stereotypically Millennial lifestyle of Lyft, Ubers, WeWork, Peloton and all of these companies I personally only have a vague idea of what they are as an Older Millennial, your life is about to get far more expensive because .. guess what? They are not sustainable, profitable businesses.

Something about this thick, chunky magenta pink turtleneck is making my heart flutter.

And a sliver of hope for the world out there, one of the most profound videos I have seen in a long time on the earth and climate change reversal: How to green the world’s deserts – a proven method (TED Talk)…..

The world’s most dangerous roads are  in the Congo…. This stuff is scary. I don’t think I can complain about these massive potholes in the roads any more.

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