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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where dressing up makes you feel better

1. Dressed

I completely agree with this article about how dressing up is making me feel better. It changes my mood, I feel less depressed and I have all the time in the world to play around with ideas! By the way.. speaking of dressing up, my favourite dress is on sale right now for $133 in the most gorgeous blue. I am very VERY tempted.

2. Planned Out

I know some of you aren’t into electronic planners, so let me introduce you to what I used to use a long time ago – the Moleskine Calendar planner. It is simple, the quality of the paper is excellent for using markers, highlighters or pens on, and there’s something zen about flipping through a calendar completely filled out at the end of a year.

3. Strike a pose

This huge polkadotted outfit is.. just striking. I love the volume in the skirt, and then the kind of business-y top. I also love the pink and red combination in this beautiful outfit. I am so stealing this colour combo and idea! I’d also rock the hell out of this guy’s outfit. It looks so elegant.

4. Moisturized paws

One of my favourite hand creams in the world, is this L’Occitane Honey Harvest one. It smells divine, and is so rich and wonderful. I also like the rose scented one, and this sexy-textured lemon verbena scented gel version.

5. Wit’s end

My home has literally become a daycare as well, so I completely resonated with this article. My desk is overrun with blocks and toys, Little Bun keeps telling me to ‘stay on my side’ when he is in fact, taking up 90% of the work table…. O_o

6. Blue Light

I finally picked up some blue light glasses to wear while working at home. I have been meaning to, but never got around to it, so this $40 sexy pair fits the bill, quite frankly. If all else fails, I can just remove the lenses and use them as regular glasses with my own prescription.

7. Hello?

I watched this Conference Call (Real Life) video, a long time ago, and recently re-watched it because it made me laugh and feel a little bit more normal again. I highly recommend it if you’re on calls a lot like I am.

8. Witty

This $40 pair of Wit & Wisdom jeans are surprisingly well-priced and comfortable. I ordered a pair and they’re close-ish to my beloved AG Farrah High Rise jeans, when I tried them on.


  • Susan

    The lemon gel has scary synthetic ingredients made in a lab. I’m worried about buying any skincare products by large branded companies so I tend to stick with smaller local companies that use a lot of natural organic ingredients.
    I still prefer google calendar for any events. Hope you buy the blue dress; it’ll look nice even in white tennis sneakers for casual wear.

  • Steveark

    I chair a college board of trustees and our last board meeting was a few days ago. It was a video Zoom meeting and I wore a dress shirt and tie, but unseen by the other attendees I was also wearing casual pool shorts and flip flops. It actually made the meeting more fun!

  • BW

    The blue dress is so beautiful. I like how it is really your style. The colour and the design is really flattering. I hope you got it. 🙂

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