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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What makes me want to relocate to Japan

1. True Independence

This makes me want to move to Japan watching these children so independent and wonderful. They certainly have issues with their culture – patriarchy, rigid structure, unable to accept anything outside of their rigid norms and cultures, misogyny…. but this level of honesty is mind blowing. Japan has the most independent kids in the world.

2. Sweater

I am obsessed because this sweater that Markle has been wearing, in BLACK is on sale now at Nordstrom. I also see it in gorgeous pink but it isn’t on sale. If you want a very similar dupe but without the turtleneck or mockneck part, this $30 sweater from Amazon has rave reviews and I am deciding on green & red, or just the green….

3. Complete Honesty

Sorry, can’t help myself. Another one on a guy dropping his wallet 50 times to see what happens…..


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4. Brainiac

Little Bun got these Brain Quest card decks as a gift and I LOVE IT. It’s such a smart way to get kids to learn while making it to be a fun game. Every night, we do a few of these cards, and for the stuff he doesn’t get, I help him understand it. I’ve also found out where he has gaps in his knowledge (e.g. analog clocks) via these questions.

5. Mother of Dragons

I am a huge fan of the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones (I hear the last season was abysmal so I did not watch it, to preserve my love for it), and my favourite character by far is Daenerys Targaryen – here’s a video compilation of why.

6. Extra Long

I finally caved and purchased this extra long iPhone charging cable. Why? Because all of my power outlets are too far back in the desk, so when I charge my phone, I can’t also use it at the same time, which is highly annoying.

7. Finding yourself

This video by Jay Shetty is basically a compilation of motivational quotes, but it’s done quite artfully. I cannot say I agree with it 100% because sometimes a job is a job to pay your damn bills, not your passion. This is a very millennial concept to “find your passion in your job”, but if you work at a job that you can do well but it isn’t your “passion”, AND it pays you? Go for it. Not everything can be perfect. Have passions on the side.

8. Standing reservation

I also purchased this adjustable tablet/ebook/iphone/ipad stand because I like to read in bed, but I do not want to put my ebook on my stomach and crunch my neck/head to read. So I picked up this stand to put to the side of my bed (we sleep on a futon on the floor), and so I can angle the ebook over my body and read easily without having to hold it.


  • SP

    Well, you have to watch to the end to decide for sure on Dani. She is a great character, no dobut. Arya is my favorite though, and even Sansa is fascinating. There are so many amazing female leads in that show!

    I love that sweater you linked, and actually bought the gray from nordstrom a few weeks ago. It is so warm and cozy. But, note the nordstrom one is 94% wool, the pink one you linked is mostly cashmere. Sounds dreamy, but way beyond my price range for a sweater! Also, thank you very much for inspiring me to break a huge streak where I bought pretty much no new clothes, lol! I really just was not very interested in new clothes for the first 2 years of my kids life, but I needed something warm and cozy for this pandemic winter.

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